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Quarantine Part 1

Posted on Mon Mar 12th, 2018 @ 12:54am by Lieutenant JG Doctor Bheria Vanth D.V.M., OB/Gyn & Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Byron Coleman & Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Ensign Gregory Ellis & Lieutenant JG Phaedra
Edited on on Sun Apr 8th, 2018 @ 3:13am

Mission: Cry In The Dark
Location: U.S.S. Sirona/USS Kubo
Timeline: Current

=/\=Bridge, U.S.S. Sirona=/\=
Batai yawned slightly as he sat in the command chair, eager to hear anything from either the away team, or Doctor Vanth. He knew the new CMO had been working as hard as s/he was able to, but it was still hard not knowing what to do. Sighing in frustration, he began pacing the length of the bridge. Not knowing what else to do, he called over his shoulder "Cadet Ellis, have we heard any updates from the away team? I know you would tell me if we did, I just want to make sure we didn't miss anything."

"Not at the moment sir, but I do have a channel freed should the team contact us," Ellis tapped a command. "I will let you know if they do."

Nodding, he tapped his combadge, "Dhej to Sickbay. Doctor, how is your research going into the away team's information? Have you been able to make any more sense of the scope of the virus and if Starfleet has encountered anything like it before?"

Vanth shook hir head, s/he had barely been able to get to hir office, let alone change or get dressed. S/he had decided to head directly to hir officer in lieu of hir quarters, where s/he could get a sonic shower and a proper meal. S/he had indeed just entered hir office when hir commbadge chirped. Vanth shook hir head. Hir ears went back; hopefully he wouldn't recognize it wasn't actually hir real voice yet, as he hadn't actually heard it yet. =/ \=I'm sorry captain, I have nothing new to report.=/ \=

Batai nodded, even though he knew s/he couldn't see it, and replied "Understood Doctor, keep me updated with any information. Dhej out."


Making sure hir door was locked, and no one in sickbay was watching, Vanth began the changing process. Slowly the Caninoid Doctor began to focus inwardly. S/he reached out and contacted hir other self, and invited hir to come out and play. Sure enough, s/he emerged slowly, a bipedal form of The Doctor rose from the floor. S/he stretched reaching up to the ceiling flexing hir paw-hands. Down low, s/he stretched and curled hir toes in the lovely soft carpet. In back hir tail reached as far out as it could before it lazily drooped and began to wag loosely.

Amiri cleared hir throat and finding hir own voice again s/he asked to computer to lock the door as s/he just slipped a lab-coat on. S/he began calling up all the information the ship had on the mission thus far and the mysterious virus.


Closing the connection after hearing from the doctor, he crossed to the command chair and sat heavily. Not wanting to interrupt Phaedra in her research, he thumbed a control and said "Dhej to Lieutenant Barnett, I understand you and Doctor Phaedra are working on learning more about the virus, but I need some sort of update. Do you know if we've been able to access any of the ship's logs about when the virus started affecting the crew?"

"Were infected captain, we are trying to study the logs, but at some point, if we do not find a cure, what happened to their crew, will happen to us. Doctor Phaedra is working on trying to find a cure, the medical staff on the U.S.S. Kubo, were unable too, maybe our new doctor there, will have a little luck. Fresh eyes never hurt, were transmitting our scans to you know sir." Said Elsie, as she tapped a few keys on the tricorder to establish a link with the ship.

Ellis stared up from his console. A shudder of fear washed over him. His new friends were in trouble and it scared him. Ellis closed his eyes and allowed that fear to pass. He made a silent prayer to the universe for those on that other ship. It was all he could do from not wanting to scream. Ellis returned to his console. Better to keep his head down and his mind occupied.

Batai replied "Thank you Lieutenant, keep me updated. Dhej out."

-Sickbay, USS Kubo-

Phaedra sighed as she tried to understand the confusing, and at times conflicting information she'd been able to gleam from the records of the Kubo's medical staff. The quality and quantity of information seemed to go down as they became more and more infected. Standing, she was about to thank Elsie for dealing with the conversation with Dhej, but the ship suddenly shook and a warning alarm came from her tricorder.

Silencing the alarm, she turned to Elsie and said "What was that? Whatever it was it has affected the readings on Hawthorne and Alom. I know we haven't heard in from them, but that would be normal given the amount of damage on the ship. My readings indicate that at least one of their biosigns has gone offline, and the other is faint."

Elsie walked over to the terminal and accessed starship operations, the control layout was reading nothing there was a failure in the terminal, she knew she needed to ge to the bridge and to main engineering, and she remembered that Hawthorne and Alom were in engineering. Elsie tapped on her communication badge. "Barnett to the Sirona, Captain we have felt a large bang and shake on the Kubo, we have lost contact with the half of the away team in main engineering and the bridge. Were going to investigate if they are in any danger, since we are not able to reach them on the com line." Said Elsie.

Batai, still on the bridge replied "Understood Barnett, keep me updated, let me know if we can help."

"Understood, Barnett out." She said as she looked to Doctor Phaedra.

"Where do you want to start first?" She asked, in a rhetorical way.

Calling up a schematic of the ship, she said "I think we should go to Engineering first, and check on Hawthorne, its one deck down, then go to the bridge." Turning to Westphal, she said "Ensign, I'm leaving you in charge of the erm, children. Let me know if there are any changes." Turning the doors, she began sprinting towards the turbolift.

Elsie was a little surprised that Phaedra did not pick up on her rhetorical question. She chased after Phaedra, and made their way down from sickbay to main engineering.

Soon, they arrived in main engineering, and immediately saw what had caused the ship to shake. One of the main power relays was still on fire, and in front of it lay a badly burned body. Looking around, she found the controls for the manual fire suppression system and slammed her hand on them. Seconds later, the flames were gone, and she rushed to the body.

Scanning it, knowing what the answer would be already, she sighed and closed the tricorder. Turning to Barnett, she said "I'm sorry to report that Lieutenant Hawthorne was caught in that explosion. He's gone."

Elsie felt a momentary loss of breath, but they had a job to do. "we should check on Commander Alom, and the air in here is becoming toxic?" She said as she started to cough looking around the room filling up with plasma. She was trying to find the exit, she was a little dazed by the levels in the room were high, almost completely toxic.

Knowing they had work to do, she added "We'll leave him here for now, and when we can have his body transported to the Sirona. I know it sounds heartless, but there's nothing we can do for him now. We need to check on Commander Alom, "

"Agreed," said Elsie as she started to cough more and made her way to the door, as soon as they both left the room. She locked the door from the outside. They needed to be on the bridge to seal the doors.

Soon the two women found themselves on the bridge, that appeared to be abandoned. Scanning, Phaedra tried to pick up the biosign of Alom, but her readings were erratic. Leading the way around the main part of the command well, she bit back a gasp as she saw the form of Commander Alom on the floor, with a young woman wrapped in a uniform jacket crouched beside him.

Not wanting to scare the child, she carefully moved within earshot and said "It's ok child, we're here to help. What happened to our friend here? Commander Alom was helping you wasn't he?"

The child turned to her giving a clear look at the uniform collar, which showed captain's pips. Sobbing, the girl replied "Yes, he was talking to me about what happened to the ship and trying to find out how to make the console go, when the ship shook really bad, and he fell down." Wiping a tear away "It was just like when the ship shook badly before, and Billy fell down. He isn't getting back up, why isn't he getting back up?"

Carefully pulling out her tricorder, she scanned Alom, and sighed, thankful her fears were incorrect. Smiling slightly, she said "He will be ok dear, he just fell down and bumped his head bad. He needs to sleep for a bit. We might need to send him away to get better."

The girl just nodded silently, and snuggled deeper into her jacket.

Turning to Barnett, she said "Lieutenant, I'm about to make a decision that may be risky, but I don't think we have a choice. We need to get Commander Alom back to the Sirona, to receive medical care, as my scans show the damage to his head may lead to a coma. Also, we can't leave Lieutenant Hawthorne's body in Engineering."

"You know quarantine protocol, the captain will never approve of transporting a virus to the Sirona, and risk our crew. What are you exactly suggesting?" She asked, wanting a better explanation.

Pausing, she continued "I'm suggesting we have the Sirona beam Hawthorne to a quarantined section of the morgue in the hospital pod, and Alom to an automated trauma room that is also in the pod, and quarantined. It does carry some risk to the ship, but with the state of the Kubo, I can't treat him here. As the only other officer present, I need you to consent to the removal of the two people from the ship, knowing the risks."

"I can seal the plasma leak and power down the warp corps and plasma cooling systems from Operations," said Elsie, as she walked over to the terminal. She went on to say, "Once we do we can work from sickbay, and treat Commander Alom from Sickbay, and place Lieutenant Hawthorne's body in the morgue." She said, thinking this was a better course of action.

Thinking for a moment, Phaedra replied "The facilities aboard the Sirona are better than what we have to work with here. It would make sense to have Commander Alom be treated on board, despite the risks."

"You can call the captain, if you want, but I doubt he will prove your plan, I am going to reroute the damage conduit in engineering then power down the warp corps." She said, as she started to walk over to the operations terminal.

Sighing, Phaedra started to protest, then in frustration, turned, and moved to the nearby XO chair. Falling heavily into it, she began rubbing her lobes absently, trying to calm herself. Quietly, she said "Elsie, you're right. I'm sorry. I'm just overwhelmed by everything. With Hawthorne's death, and whatever has happened with Alom, its you and me left to try to figure a lot this out. It's just hard to deal with everything going sideways so quickly."

Elsie started to reroute the conduit, and then power down the warp corps. Even if the captain approved her plan, he would want to the ship, to be powered down, since the crew was not able to maintain the starship systems.

She wanted to be compassionate for her friend, but at the moment they had a job to do and these kids, these officers and crewman needed to be saved, they needed to be saved. They needed to make the Kubo a safe working environment again. "We will morn Hawthorne later, we need to treat Commander Alom and we need to find a cure for these children and us, I need you to focus on the task at hand. Let's go to sickbay, I have done all I can from here." She pointed out. Trying to sound empathetic, but it was hard. She wanted to be moping and weeping for the loss of a fellow officer, but they had a job to do, and with Commander Alom out of commission, she was the senior officer.

Nodding, Phaedra replied "You're right Lieutenant. We need to focus, and try to learn what we can from this child who may or may not be the captain. Can you do a site to site transport of the three of us and Alom to Sickbay?"

Elsie completed a site to site transport, she noticed the sly comment from Phaedra, calling her Lieutenant. She was taking it a little personal. But she hoped they can work through this. They both had a job to do, no matter the cost, there was crew like children on the ship but the three of them, counting on her and Phaedra, to save them. The transport was completed.

-Sickbay, U.S.S. Sirona-

Meanwhile without a sample of the virus to work with Doctor Vanth had to start with research. S/he discovered that there were several incidence of "de-aging" affects encountered during the first great exploration era of the Alpha Quadrant. The second starship named Enterprise under Captain Kirk had encountered an entire planet populated by nothing but children on stardate 2713 - 2717. Upon reading further Vanth found Doctor McCoy had developed a Vaccine against the virus, but upon further research Vanth decided there was nothing of value to hir investigation. S/he tapped hir commbadge, the Caninoid doctor needed more information from the source.

=/ \= Vanth to Phaedra =/ \=

Having arrived in Sickbay a moment later, Phaedra was confused by the communication. Having been on the Kubo for a short time, she hadn't met anyone named Vanth. Taking her attention away from Alom, who was lying on a biobed being tended to by the others, she tapped her commbadge and said "Phaedra here. To whom am I speaking?"

Elsie had the same puzzled look that Phaedra had, who was Vanth? She did not have time to figure it out. She was setting up the scanners on the bio bed, to help in their investigation with the unknown illness that caused the crew of the Kubo, to turn into children.

=/ \=I'm sorry to contact you out of the blue like this, but I've only just arrived via shuttle. My name is Doctor Vanth, I'm the new Chief Medical Officer. I hear you have an enigma, and thought I could help out. Could you please send me what data you have on this affliction?=/ \=

Thinking for a moment, Phaedra replied "I haven't found a lot more data then what I've shared with Captain Dhej. Apparently the virus is airborne, and has different affects on individuals depending on their biology. I am hopeful we can speak to the child who appears to be the captain and find out more about the virus. I will keep you updated, Phaedra out."

=/ \=Perhaps we can holo-conference when the Uss Kubo's captain is ready then, Vanth out.=/ \= The doctor felt a little thrown off by the science officer's abruptness, but s/he tried to overlook it. After all she was under tremendous stress.

Quickly, she moved to Alom's side and began patching up the head wound. After some scans, it appeared that it looked worse than it really was. She sighed however as her scans showed that the trauma had forced him into a coma. Injecting him with a hypospray to stabilize him, she moved to Elsie's side.

Clearing her throat, she said "I'm sorry Elsie for how I was on the bridge. Can we talk about all this once we're back?"

"Agreed, right now lets focus on finding a cure, As much fun as it would be to relive my youth, we have duties to attend too." Suggested Elsie, wondering what Phaedra was like as a child.

Taking a deep breath, she motioned for Elsie to join her, and moved to the biobed where the child-captain sat. Smiling slightly, as to not scare the child she said "Hi there. Is it OK if my friend Elsie and I talk to you for a few minutes? What's your name dear?"

The child nodded, and replied "It's Helena Nelson. Yes it's ok. You seem like nice ladies."

Nodding, Phaedra asked "Do you remember when things started to stop working on the ship? Like when it started getting all shaky and stuff?" She recognized the name from the ship's manifest, this child was indeed the captain of the ship.

The child nodded and said "A bit, it's all really scary and confusing. I remember going to a pretty place, with a lot of flowers, then coming home. I don't remember more than that." Choking back a sob she added "I just want to go home. I'm scared."

Phaedra, knowing it was upsetting the child to talk about what happened, but knowing it had to be done, placed a hand on the child's shoulder and said "It's OK Helena. We're here to help. Just try to relax for a few minutes, and we'll come back OK?"

The child nodded, pulled the uniform jacket around herself and rolled over on the bed to face the wall.

Phaedra pulled Elsie aside and said "I'm thinking we need to try to find the ship's logs, and try to find out what she meant by the pretty place. It's a faint lead, but it's all we have right now."

"I can pull the logs, I will be in the Kubo's doctor's ready room over there. But the distress call was not to long ago, so we are not being affected as quickly?" Asked Elsie as she started to think about what files they needed to pull first. "The files are going to be long, so I am going to start with the basics, planetary missions, anomalies or any unusual log entries and hope we get lucky." Said Elsie, hoping they would find a reason for the illness before it transformed them into children.

"I have a feeling they must have either quarantined the item or they passed by an anomaly of some sort, I will find us some answers. Meanwhile keep doing what you're doing. I appreciate you Lieutenant Phaedra, you're doing great, given the dire circumstances."

Nodding, Phaedra replied "I appreciate you too Elsie. Let me know what you find. If it is a virus, then there has to a cure. It may take some time to find it, but we will." Pausing, she sighed and added "Hopefully before we start to get younger. I really don't want to go through that part of my life again."

"Being young may be fun for a few hours, but after that it will be very tiresome, I agree let's find this virus so we can get a cure." Said Elsie, as she started to shift through the data at the computer terminal. She noticed a few files flagged, apparently the crew knew of the changes before they became children.

They knew of the affects, but discovered it to late in the stages of the Virus.
Elsie looked to Phaedra, "Hey Phaedra, I got something, gonna report to the captain too." She said as she tapped her badge.

"USS Kubo to USS Sirona, please respond Captain Dhej." Called out Elsie, feeling a little eager, that the crew did some of the leg work.

Batai, having just about decided to try to get some semblance of sleep before he passed out, tapped his combadge and said "Dhej here, go ahead Lieutenant."

"Captain we've been reviewing the files on the Kubo, and they have determine the ship has a virus, I don't think they had enough time to give us a full review, but what the file does tell me is that the Kubo, recently explored planetoid system PX-48965.4 and they were able to determine the plant samples they were able to collected had the virus, Kubo's Doctor believed it was an airborne spore fungus, Doctor Phaedra and I will work on studying the plant samples, and we will relay information to Doctor Vanth, to get a fresh pair of eyes on the Sirona."

Smiling very slightly at the development, Batai replied "Understood Lieutenant. Good work. Give my regards to Doctor Phaedra. I look forward to hearing more about your progress."

"Understood Captain, Barnett out," said Elsie, as she looked to Phaedra. She was hopeful that van will be able to find a cure before the de-evolution process went too far. Elsie was hoping to they would be able to find a cure, before the children where killed, after the children would be her away team.

"Phaedra, I'm transferring files over to your terminal please take a look at them, I think good doctor of the Kubo was on to something but just ran out of time."Said Elsie, with a little bit of Hope in her voice.

Nodding, Phaedra replied "I'll take a look. Good work Elsie." Pulling up the file, she smiled slightly, hoping the information would give her a thread to follow.

Elsie walked over to Phaedra and put her hand on her shoulder. Gave her a side hug. "Where going to get through this." Said Elsie trying to get her friend the strength and herself the strength to keep going.

Elsie was a little depressed, like Phaedra and Westphall were. The children seemed to be in good spirits. Partially the lost the ability to really grasp the situation for what it was, and Westphall was doing a great job, keep the children distracted.

Working at her console, Phaedra looked at Elsie out of the corner of her eye and sighed. She didn't need to be an empath to know she was feeling the pressure of everything like she was. She hoped after everything was over, that they could just have some time alone to talk and work through all the stress.



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