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Aftershocks of Motion

Posted on Mon Nov 6th, 2017 @ 7:24pm by Lieutenant JG Vox Graydon & Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett

Mission: Cry In The Dark
Location: Sickbay

Elsie was still shocked by the news that Doctor Phaedra had given her. The idea of being abducted was a little frightening. How dare the damn Q Continuum abduct anyone. Luckily she was safe and no harm came to her.

She noticed that Vox was in the room, the chief of security. He looked liked he was stressed and taking statements from the crew. And he was heading in the direction of Elsie. She glanced him over.

At first glance she noticed his pointy ears, but he did not act like a Vulcan, then she remembered he was 1/2 Romulan from the service file that she read on the entire crew.

"Hello" said Elsie as she broke the awkward silence between them. She had hoped to meet the chief of security and the rest of the bridge crew in a better light. Never in her wildest dreams, did she ever contemplate her first meeting with everyone, would be over an abduction.

Her tone was flat and dull, her body was still in shock from the news Phaedra had given her. She was angry inside and paralyzed on the outside. It was clear to her and probably everyone else, that she was still in shock, but she needed to snap out of it.

Vox noticed the new diplomatic officer sitting on a biobed. She appeared quite distressed from the events of the mission. One minute, she had been aboard a starbase, and the next, flung out into the galaxy by the whims of an omnipotent yet immature being.

"Greetings, lieutenant. I trust that you're receiving adequate medical treatment from the doctor?" His face maintained a neutral tone as he slowly looked her over.

"The Doctor is exceptional, really bringing me up to speed, hard to believe this Q can just abduct anyone they please" said Elsie with a hint of anger in her tone. How dare the Q just snatch people on a whim and without warning. Who do they think they are?

He arched one eyebrow and offered a faint smirk as he nodded in agreement. "If only we had their powers, we could give him a taste of his own medicine, huh?" He gave her a wink, hoping that he was helping to lighten her mood. Just then he noticed the level of sparkle in her eyes from the overhead lighting but quickly brushed that thought aside.

"Can't sulk over things we can not control, where do we go from here" asked Elsie, she was still new to the crew, and was trying to play catch up. There had to be a reason why the vaunted Q continuum abducted this crew?

Vox wondered that same question ever since they returned to the ship. He admired her sense of moving forward and not dwelling on the past. "Indeed. I would suspect that the captain will receive orders for a new mission after our debriefing and report to Starfleet. I'm not sure we'll find any logical answers from the Q."

"I sincerely hope the Q do not bother us again. But as far as the captain and our mission goes, I have never gone through a mission debriefing, most of my time was spent on the Vulcan Homeworld after the academy as a diplomatic envoy and of course an officer, spent very little time on Starbase 324, mainly waiting for the Sirona, to arrive, it temporary assignment" she said, feeling like she said way to much.

"Any tips you can provide me" asked Elsie.

Vox listened carefully to all that she said before replying, "While no one can guarantee if we will encounter Q again, I would advise you to simply put it out of your mind. You should focus your attention on your duties and

"Easy for you to say, you get to carry a side arm" teased Elsie. She did not wait for a response. She knew he was right, and needed to put the incident behind her.

"Do you need anything from me? A statement" asked Elsie, she was not sure how much help she would be. She did not realize till after the fact she was abducted.

Vox noffed thoughtfully, "A statement would be great, when you're done here and settled in. It's not a pressing issue, considering your arrival." He clasped his hands behind his back. "If you'd prefer, you can stop by my office at a later time and discuss it over coffee?"

Elsie grinned, she was not really a fan of coffee, but the invitation to have a drink with Vox, was appealing. She was knew, and hardly knew anyone. "Would love too" simply said Elsie with a grin.

Graydon smiled politely, as he thought was appropriate. He nodded at her, "Then a date." His smile twisted into a surprised, confused look as he realized his verbal blunder. It wasn't a date like... Surely she knew that. They had just met! Clearing his throat, he attempted to fix the error, "I mean uh... it's agreed, then. To meet again. Off duty." He felt himself getting warm all of a sudden. And to avoid any more embarrassment, he turned and headed out to the corridor before she could comment further.

Elsie thought it was a adorable he was trying to correct himself. "I knew what you meant, I look forward to our cup of coffee" teased Elsie, she liked the idea of toying with his mind. It was fun.

"I should report to duty" said Elsie as she got ready to leave the sickbay. She was curious, if he was going to stumble over his own words, or gather himself. She liked the vulnerable side of Vox.


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