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Making a Decision

Posted on Wed Nov 1st, 2017 @ 1:24am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Phaedra

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Phaedra sighed as she walked into the private room that held the still comatose figure of Ensign Martin. For whatever reason, despite all the medical wonders she had at her disposal, she couldn't bring her out of the coma. Perhaps it was something Q had done, or it had been Martin's body reacting to some sort of trauma. Whatever the reason, she knew Martin needed help, more then she could provide. Tapping her combadge, she said "Phaedra to Dhej and Elloise Gorden. Please report to Sickbay, private ward 1."

Moments later Batai entered, followed by Elloise. Hopeful, Elloise said "Doctor, has there been any change? Is Hope showing any signs of alertness?" She hoped she had been summoned for a good reason, as she had only had received bad news since the away teams' return to the ship.

Shaking her head sadly, Phaedra replied "I'm sorry Ms. Gorden, but no. I have called you and Captain Dhej here because there is a decision to be made. Ever since we returned to the ship, I have done all I can to try to wake Ensign Martin from her coma. When I am not working with other patients, I have been researching any alternative methods. So far, I have come to no leads. Whatever was done to her by Q, is something I can't heal with the resources at my disposal."

Batai had kept a respectful distance from the two women as they spoke. He had grown somewhat close to Martin during her short time aboard, and knew he'd been asked to join the meeting as her commanding officer. Clearing his throat, he said "What are you saying Phaedra? Are you recommending she me moved to another medical facility?"

Nodding, Phaedra replied "Yes Captain. I have determined that Starbase 915 has a few researchers that specialize in cases such as this. They will be able to provide better care, and hopefully find a way to wake Ensign Martin up. Anticipating that you both would approve of my recommendation, I have already been in contact with them, and they are preparing for her arrival." Turning to Elloise, she said "The decision is up to you Ms. Gorden. I have advise them that you would be accompanying her, and would make any decisions about her care."

Elloise nodded, with slight tears in her eyes and said "Thank you Phaedra for doing this for Hope. I agree with your decision." Turning to Batai she said shyly "I hope it is ok for me to leave, and that you can arrange passage to the Starbase Captain."

Nodding, he said "I will certainly do so Elloise. There should be a passing ship that can be diverted to bring you to the Starbase. I will enter Hope's transfer immediately. Please keep me informed to he progress."

Nodding, Elloise smiled shyly at both of them, and quickly left, en route to their quarters to begin packing.

Batai smiled slightly at Phaedra, acknowledging her gentle touch in dealing with Ellosie, and made his exit, en route to the bridge.


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