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Going through the motions

Posted on Fri Nov 3rd, 2017 @ 2:35am by Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Lieutenant JG Phaedra

Mission: Cry In The Dark
Location: CDO's Office / Sickbay

Elsie, noticed something seemed a little off, but she was not sure what was exactly happening. One minute she is hosting a diplomatic function, then she is ordered to Starbase 642, where she is given last minute instructions to meet with the Fugati Ambassador and in the middle of a ritual the ambassador vanishes and she meets the captain in the most awkward way possible.

What was going? This was a strange way for her to meet her captain, he seemed injured, she wondered how that happened? She had a lot of questions and wanted a lot of answers, it was clear to her that she was not going to get those answers in her new office.

She decided the best thing probably for her to do was, to be checked out, it was accustomed for a new officer to be given a physical by the medical staff aboard her new command.

She grabbed her cup of coffee and then took a big sip before putting it down again, she knew the medical staff would not allow her to drink in sickbay's. Most doctors she came across, allowed foreign substances in their clean tighty sickbay facilities.

Elsie walk out of her office and started to make her way down the corridors of the Sirona. It was a typical luna class starship, which Elsie liked. There was something about the design of the vessel, that in some ways reminded her of a sovereign, but more welcoming and friendlier.

She continued to walk down the corridors, noticing they were not very busy, which was a little strange, on a ship this size. She would have expected more crew to be passing by.

It did not take very long for Elsie to walk into sickbay. She walked over towards a bio bed, waiting for someone to notice her arrival.

Phaedra looked up from a padd she was reading and noticed Barnett was standing nearby. She wasn't sure what the young woman wanted, but knew it fell to her, as, for the moment, she was the ranking medical officer in Sickbay. Walking over to her she said "Excuse me Lieutenant Barnett, is there something I can help you with? Are you ill?"

Elsie smiled, it was a fake smile. She hated going to sickbay, but it needed to be done. She needed a standard exam, it was customary, and given what happened a little bit ago, it would be foolish not too. "Ahh Doc, can I call you Doc" asked Elsie.

Nodding, Phaedra replied "You can call me whatever you want Lieutenant. If Doc works for you, its ok."

"Just boarded the Sirona, want to get my physical out of the way, plus I have some concerns about what happened, one minute I am doing a spiritual ritual the next, I have my new captain hovering over me, asking if I am okay, I want to make sure I am okay" said Elsie, who realized she sounded like she was rambling, well in a sense, she was.

Gesturing for her to sit on a nearby biobed, Phaedra grabbed a tricorder and began scanning her. As she did so, she said "I know what happened to us was ... weird to say the least. I know we've been briefed on the Q at the Academy, but this Junior Q seemed to enjoy causing pain." Pausing, she glanced at her screen then added "Can I tell you something personal about how I felt during our abduction?"

"Abduction" asked Elsie, who was still a little hazy about what had happened to her and to the crew. "It's all still hazy to be honest, Doc" said Elsie, hoping that Phaedra would share some insights.

Nodding, Phaedra put down the tricorder for a moment, and sat beside Elsie on the biobed. Taking a breath, she said "We were abducted Lieutenant. We were about to meet with the Neru delegation, when were brought to the, wherever it was, by Q. I'll be honest, when I woke up on the ground, bruised and sore, I was terrified. I thought we were never going to get back to the ship, and that things were going to get worse for us. What got me through though was knowing I had a duty given to me by the captain, to watch over Ensign Martin. That helped me focus a bit, and block out all the craziness around me."

"I was not aware of that, one minute I was preforming a ritual, and the next I thought the Captain had surprised me with a surprise visit, I was not aware of the abduction at first" said Elsie, who was very upset that a Q could just abduct her and their were no repercussions.

"I was a abducted" softly spoke Elsie, the idea made her upset and confused and a little scared. "Please tell me that he did not violate us in any other way" asked Elsie, who was starting to let her fear show.

Placing a hand on her arm, in what she hoped was a calming gesture, Phaedra replied "Elsie, if I can call you that, I can assure you that we weren't violate us in any other way. I know you are shaken up by what's happened, we all are. I want you to know you can talk to me whenever you want, not just in a formal setting, but as hopefully, in time a friend." Pausing she added "I don't know a lot of people on board yet, so it would be nice to have someone to talk to."

"Let's gets drinks later, it would be nice to talk too someone" said Elsie as she noticed the chief of security walking into the room. "So am I in perfect health, Doc" asked Elsie.

Smiling slightly, Phaedra confirmed her readings on the tricorder and said "Yes Lieutenant. You are I perfect health. Contact me when you're off duty, and we'll share a drink, my treat."

"Will do" said Elsie as she noticed the chief of security approaching her direction.


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