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New Challenges

Posted on Mon Oct 30th, 2017 @ 3:07am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant Commander Alom Ehal

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Current

=/\=Ready Room=/\=

Batai sighed as he carefully settled into the chair behind his desk. Even though he'd had his injuries healed by Phaedra, who thankfully was able to repair the broken bones with a minimal amount of discomfort, he was still store. She'd strongly suggested he take time to rest, but he refused, knowing he had work to do. The walk back to his ready room had been painful, as his leg was still very tender. As he reached over to his console to begin his addition to Alom's report, he heard "Bridge to Dhej. Sir, I have a priority one communique for you from Starfleet Command." Shaking his head slightly, he said "Put it through Ensign."

Moments later, the Starfleet seal appeared, and he entered his access code. A second later, he saw the face of an older Betazoid woman he didn't recognize who was wearing Admiral's pips. Clearing his throat, he said "Commander Dhej here. How can I help you Admiral?"

The woman smiled slightly, and replied "I'm Admiral Nemea Parell, of Starbase 928 contacting you on behalf of Starfleet Command. We have reviewed the report your Commander Alom had submitted regarding your... experience with the young Q. Personally, and on behalf of Starfleet, you have our condolences for the loss of your officers."

Nodding, Batai replied "Thank you Admiral Parell. I will extend your sympathies to their families." Pausing, he added "How can I help you today Admiral?"

Parell, not a woman to mince words, replied "I'm contacting you for a few reasons. Firstly, we understand that the abduction of you and your crewmembers was unavoidable, and prevented you from completing the initial meetings with the Neeru. I do want to assure you that following the report, we have contacted them, and explained the situation. They understood, and informed us they had seen, to use their words, one who disrupted the currents at the facility. They described a being that could easily have been the juvenile Q." Pausing, she added "They have agreed to open discussions about membership with the Federation, having respected your efforts during your capture."

Smiling slightly, Batai replied "I'm pleased to hear that Admiral. It is good that something positive came out of the experience."

Nodding, she said "I am also contacting you for another pressing concern. We at Command have been monitoring your progress, and have noticed that while you have served strongly as a commanding officer, you have been through, lets say, many challenges in terms of crew, including multiple Executive Officers. Through it all however, you found the strength somehow to keep going, and complete your missions with valor." Pausing, she said "Due to those reasons, and your service to the Federation and Starfleet, I have been authorized to have the pleasure of promoting you, Batai Dhej, Commanding Officer USS Sirona, effective immediately, to Captain. Congratulations Captain Dhej."

Batai sat silently in shock for a moment, then said quietly "Thank you Admiral. I'm not sure what to say. I will work hard to continue serving the Federation and Starfleet to the best of my abilities."

Smiling, Parrell, replied "I know you will Captain. To that end, with the loss of your Commander Kilbane, you now have an opening for a new Executive Officer. We have decided not to assign one to you, but to let you appoint one yourself. However, we wouldn't be opposed to your consideration of Lieutenant Commander Alom Ehal."

Nodding, he said "I will take your consideration under advisement Admiral. Was there anything else we need to discuss?"

Parell shook her head and replied "No Captain. One thing however, try to keep yourself out of trouble if you can. I would hate to hear of you being injured again. Safe journey and calm winds Captain. Starfleet out."

Taking a few moments to absorb everything, Batai moved to the replicator alcove, replicated his new pip, and attached it to his collar. Straightening his uniform, he tapped his combadge and said "Dhej to Alom. Please report to the Ready Room immediately."

Ehal was sitting at one of the empty consoles on the bridge looking at fleet placement and traffic when the call came through. Locking his screen he stood from the chair tugged at his uniform and walked over to the CO's ready room. He rang the chime once he was ready.

Looking up, Batai said "Come in." After the man did so, he gestured to the seat in front of him and said "I trust you've had a little bit of time to get familiar with the ship? I know I sent you to the bridge immediately after we got back, but I wasn't exactly in the best shape to be there myself."

The Bajoran man walked in a stood at attention, "Yes sir I did. When I got off duty, I took some time to look around."

Nodding, he said "Please take a seat." After he did so, Batai replied "I will get to the point Commander. Firstly, I do have some good news, I have been contacted by Starfleet Command, who advised that they have been in touch with the Neru Ruling Council. The Council advised they had seen someone who resembled Q at the facility. They have appreciated our willingness to help, and have agreed to open discussions about membership in the Federation."

Pausing, he said "She also advised me that Command decided to promote me to Captain, effective immediately. In addition, she reminded me that with the loss of Kilbane, that I have an opening for a new Executive Officer, and that I had the choice who that person should be."

"Congratulations Captain." Ehal said. He just noticed the extra pip on the new Captain's collar. Not sure what the Captain was saying about needing to chose an XO, "And how does this effect me sir? Did you need a second opinion?"

Shaking his head, Batai replied "Not exactly Commander. Admiral Parell did say it was up to me who I assigned. However, she did say Command would not be opposed to me choosing you as my new Executive Officer. Were they wrong in their opinion of your capabilities?"

Ehal was shocked at what the Captain just said. He was not expecting that, "Ummm. I mean, depends on what capabilities they are referring too. Sir."

Looking at the padd beside him on the desk, Batai replied "Able to multitask, cool under pressure, outgoing and friendly with everyone he meets, detail oriented. Able to keep a cool head in the midst of an abduction by a juvenile omnipotent being when his CO is ... not at his best. Those capabilities Commander."

"Well sir, I just do my duty. And if that is above and beyond what I am called to do , then no they were not wrong sir. Not to brag, sir."

Smiling slightly, he said "it's not bragging if its true. So what do you think? Would you accept my officer of the role of Executive Officer with your duties as Strategic Operations Officer as a secondary role when time permits?"

Holding back a smile, "Yes sir."

Nodding, he said "Thank you Commander. I think both of us have some work to do. Please take the bridge. We will talk more soon." Standing somewhat stiffly, he said "Welcome aboard officially Lieutenant Commander Alom Ehal, and congratulations."

"Thank you Captain!" The Bajoran said standing from his chair, "I will be on the bridge if you need me."

Nodding, Batai waited until the man had left the room, then sat heavily down in his chair. He needed to follow Phaedra's suggestion to rest, but for now he had work to do. He only hoped the painkillers would do their job until he could sleep.


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