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Posted on Tue Oct 17th, 2017 @ 3:13am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Phaedra & Lieutenant Commander Alom Ehal & Lieutenant JG Vox Graydon & Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Ensign Cassidy Westphall M.D., Ph.D. & Ensign Gregory Ellis & Petty Officer 2nd Class Justice Thomas

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Starbase 642/Elswhere
Timeline: Current

=/\=Starbase 642/\=
The Station Master, a jovial faced older Bolian woman smirked slightly as she saw a man walk towards the airlocks. She knew who he was, but didn't know much about him, since she kept to herself most of the time. Straightening her uniform she said "Over here Lieutenant Commander Alom, your ride is docking at Airlock 3."

The Bajoran quickened his pace to the the Bolian woman, "Thank you." He said as he approached her. He had a bag slung over his right shoulder, and a duffle over his left. Under his left arm he held a PaDD with the book that he was reading. His earring, or his d'ja pagh, slapped against the side of his head as he quickened his step. He stopped next to the Bolian woman, he stood inches over her.

Shaking her head at the man's rush, in response to her summons, she replied "No problem Commander. I know it might be not the fancy ships you're used to, but its the best we could find at this short notice. This ship, the Ferengi transport Halmek's Bounty, will rendezvous with your new assignment, the USS Sirona at the Neeru Homeworld."

Ehal nodded, "It'll have to do." He said with a chuckle. Ferengi annoyed the hell out of him, but he would survive. Pulling the duffel up higher onto his shoulder. He heard the docking ports lock as the ship docked at the station.

Nodding, the woman stepped aside as the airlock began to open, and the ... distinctive aroma of the vessel rushed out. Excitable voices could be heard in the main cabin.

Ehal stood as the doors opened and the Ferengi stepped out. The Bajoran stood there as they Ferengi's other passengers got off behind the Ferengi, who was holding out his hand for tips from the other travelers.

After the last passenger left, the Ferengi began to ask for a tip, then the world seemed to slow down to nothing. Everything turned white, and the man found himself lying on the ground in the middle of a forest, without his bag or padd, elsewhere.


Sitting straight up, the Bajoran looked around the area. His head spun and ached. Rubbing his eyes and temples he took another look around. There were trees all around him. Slowly standing up he brushed off his uniform, and did a quick spin. Tapping his combadge, "Lieutenant Commander Alom Ehal, of Starfleet to anyone who can hear me." Nothing. Damn He thought to himself. Picking a direction, he started walking.

Batai, leaning against a tree behind the log he sat on, was shocked when he heard the message on his combadge. Tapping it with his good hand to silence it, he painfully got to his feet, and grabbed his crutches. As quickly as he could, he moved to where he could see a figure nearby, pointed his phaser in the general direction, and said "Stay where you are, hands above your head. I am from Starfleet and I am armed. I will defend myself and my companions! Who are you, and how did you get here?"

The Bajoran shot his hands up, elbows at a 90 degree angle, "I am Lieutenant Commander Alom Ehal. Starfleet Strategic Operations Officer. I am unarmed."

Sighing, and letting his grip on the phaser lessen slightly, he replied "That doesn't answer my question. How did you get here? Wherever the hell here is."

Stepping out of shadow of the trees so that the Commander could see him clearly. "I don't know. I was about to board a Ferengi freighter on Starbase 642, en route to my new posting. There was a flash of light and I was here." Ehal tried to remember more, but he couldn't remember anything more than that.

Lowering his phaser with an exhausted sigh, Batai said "Come here Commander. We have a lot to talk about." Losing the strength in his good leg, he half fell, half sat on the ground with a groan.

Ehal walked out closer to the Commander. Seeing the pips on the other officer's collar, "Commander... what happened here? How did you guys get here? If I may ask."

Shaking his head, Batai replied "We don't know. We were about to leave our runabout, beneath the surface of the Neeru Homeworld, then we were here. The Runabout Currie is destroyed, our EV suits suddenly gone, and the away team tossed around this area like broken dolls." Sighing, he added with a cough, "I've also just discovered my Chief Engineer is dead, and my Executive Officer has succumbed to his injuries."

Sighing, he said "I forgot to give you my name didn't I? I'm Commander Batai Dhej, Commanding Officer of the USS Sirona." With a small smile he said "I'm sorry for threatening to shoot you. It's been a bit ... rough."

The USS Sirona... "Sir, I was transferring to the USS Sirona." Ehal trailed off, "I am saddened for your crew, sir. I'm sure The Prophets believed that they had lived out their lives fully."

Nodding slowly at the man's words, he said "Thank you Commander. For now, we are trying to figure out what happened, and are focused on treating the wounded. Our Ensign Martin is still unconscious, and without a medical tricorder, we can't find out why." Passing him his phaser, he said "You seem relatively unscathed by your ... journey. You're likely a better shot with this then I am right now."

Catching the phaser, Ehal attached it to his belt, "Did you need help Commander? I don't have a lot of medical training, but I have some."

Shaking his head, Batai replied "I could use a hand back to my feet if you don't mind. Beyond that, I don't think there is much you can do, except help me with the wounded, and help keep the meager fire going. My leg and wrist are broken, and even though I splinted the leg, its not getting any better."

The Bajoran reached down to help the Trill Commander to his feet. "Which way?"

Gesturing to the nearby group of trees with his good hand, he said "That way, the small group of trees over there." With a groan, he allowed himself to be lead back to camp.

Ehal helped the Commander walk in the direction towards the camp. As they approached the camp, he saw a few other officers and a cadet, whose uniform looked like the sleeves had been ripped off.

Greg looked over the new arrival. Something about this seemed utterly familiar. There must have been somewhere in the ancient Terran cultural database about a group of people stranded on a mysterious deserted island that was home to a polar bear and a shadow monster. Greg wasn't one for strange fictitious stories but this whole event felt like one large plot of the terrible Science Fiction of the early 21st Century.

Phaedra, with her enhanced hearing had heard the exchange between Batai and the new officer, and as they approached camp, stood to help. Waiving her back, Batai was about to speak, when he saw movement from nearby trees. Sighing in frustration, he sagged a bit against Alom's shoulder, too tired to deal with any more surprises at the moment.

Ehal turned to where the movement had come from. Slowly setting the Commander down, so that he could better defend himself if he had too, "Who's there?!" The Bajoran yelled out into the forest.

A figure, wearing what could be described as a hooded cloak, emerged from the trees, and made its way towards the group. Stopping short of them, it said, in a genderless voice, "My my, what a rude way to address a guest. It is true what they say about not being able to find good help these days."

Stepping forward the Bajoran looked at the figure standing in front of them, "You didn't answer me."

Shaking its head, the figure replied "Our name is unimportant. However, you can address us as The Scientist if you must. It pleases us that we have had such ... excitable subjects." Pausing the figure looked behind Alom, and said "Oh dear Batai, it seems you have hurt yourself. We don't like our subjects broken."

Batai was tempted to stand, but thought better of it. Staring up at the figure, he said "I wish I could believe that, you've already killed two of my officers." Shaking his head, he said "Explain yourself! Where are we, and why did you bring us here? Answer me!"

The Scientist shook its hooded head and said "So many questions. Your broken officers, well, let's say not all test subjects are viable. It's the nature of our work, and sometimes there are resources that are used up."

"That is not an answer for what you have done! You have killed Starfleet officers, and we will not give in to whatever testing you have planned for us." Ehal said. He was not sure who this was, but he was not going to take any chances.

Letting out a sigh, the Scientist, leaned against a tree, and said "Alom Ehal, how dare you speak to us in such a way. Never in our careers have we had such active subjects. Do you not understand? Of course you don't your brains are too small. You are already in the middle of a test. We have been watching you, and want you to prove to us that you should continue to exist, and that you are qualified to complete your mission of medical and humanitarian aid." Pausing, the Scientist, laughed, and after composing itself, added "So far, the results have been interesting, but uninspiring."

"You keep saying us. How many more are there?" Ehal asked the strange being.

Shaking its head, it replied "Such inquisitive creatures you Starfleeters. We are as one of the ancient human leaders is quoted as saying 'not amused'. Your sample is proving to be very annoying, and we will need to discuss if we should terminate the test." With a flourish, it spun, its cloak catching some of the faint sunlight, and was gone.

Batai looked after the being with confusion. Turning to Alom, he said "I don't think we made a good first impression Commander."

"We need to get out of here." The Bajoran man said looking around, "I don't think they like how we are playing their... game."

Just as Batai was about to speak, he saw a flash of movement nearby, and the crumpled form of a woman lying nearby on the ground. Sighing in frustration, he leaned on his crutches, and made his way to her side. She appeared uninjured, but he couldn't be sure. Clearing his throat, he said "If you can hear me please wake up, I will not hurt you, but I need to confirm who you are before I can help you."

Elsie opened her eyes, a moment of blindness that passed away, she looked over to the man hovering over her. "Elsie Barnett, Chief Diplomatic Officer of the Starship Sirona, I am just waiting for you Captain" said Elsie, as she reached her hand out to be helped up.

Reaching down with his good hand, he carefully helped her to her feet and said "I apologize for the sudden appearance, wherever we are. I will explain more later. Regardless, it is nice to meet you Lieutenant, I wish it was under different circumstances. I trust you are not injured?"

"I am fine, I was going to ask you, if your okay" said Elsie, with a concern on her face, when she saw his crutches. She paused for a moment and went on to say "I was told you needed a new Chief Diplomatic Officer as soon as possible so hear I am"

"Lieutenant," Ehal started, "What were you doing just before you got transported here?" The tall Bajoran Lieutenant Commander asked her.

"Meeting with the Fugati Ambassador on Starbase 642" said Elsie as she smiled in the general direction of the first officer. "And before you ask, why was I on the ground, the ambassador suggested I try the Fugati meditation ritual" said Elsie as she really did not offer any further information.

The ritual required her to lay still on the floor or a smooth surface of the ground, to lay in the prone position on your back with your arms stretched out at 90 degrees, the idea for the Fugati was, one who can master patience, will be closer to the planet they serve, when they close their eyes and tune into the surrounding around them, they would become one with the planet and their surround, and it would have been rude for Elsie not to follow through with the ritual, that being said, it must have looked real strange for the captain and Alom Ehal to meet Elsie in this fashion.

Vox checked the tricorder readings one more time. The rigged sensor grid was operational, at least for now.  Initially, he had planned on connecting the individual sensor packages to the shuttle power grid wirelessly, but that connectivity had been damaged in the landing. Instead, he accomplished the task by physically running auxiliary power cables from storage to the detectors. Satisfied with the end result, he headed in the general direction of the others.

Nearing the captain, he started his report, "Captain, I have successfully activated the makeshift-". It was at that point that he observed the two strangers wearing Starfleet uniforms. He took a brief moment to collect his thoughts before speaking. "We have more company, I see."

"Lieutenant Commander Alom Ehal, Strategic Operations." Ehal said as he extended his hand out the man who just approached the group.

Graydon grasped the man's hand and shook it firmly. "Good to meet you, commander. Lieutenant Vox Graydon, chief of security." He let go of the hand after a moment and looked the tall Bajoran up and down. "I take it that you didn't just... beam in, sir?"

Elsie just stood there, she wondered if Vox even noticed her. One minute she is on the floor, the next she forgotten like the wind. She overheard him say security, so maybe he did notice her but was simply ignoring her. "What makeshift device, Lieutenant" asked Elsie, who decided to make her presence known. She eagerly looked on.

Seeing the woman giving him a certain look, he took a few more steps to meet her and held out his hand again. "Lieutenant Graydon." He arched an eyebrow at her. "And to answer your question, the makeshift sensor net grid that I was able to establish to give us a perimeter in case anyone drops by."

Cassidy looked up from attending the wounded to see their new arrivals. None of this made sense, but at least she could focus her attention on tending to those who have been injured. She knew how to do that, and at least that made sense, even if it was senseless action that had caused their pain. If they were going to be treated like lab rats, they needed to start thinking like scientists. "I know everyone is confused and grieving, but it seems to me, if we're going to get out of this alive, we have to start thinking like our captors."

"And who exactly are our captors?" Ehal asked as he turned towards the woman in the teal uniform. He could tell from her demeanour and the way she talked that she was more than likely the ship's Counselor.

A rustling nearby signalled the return of The Scientist, who chuckled slightly under its hood. With a slight joy in its voice it said "Oh good, a new subject has arrived. We are glad to have more test material."

Batai had heard enough, and with effort, pushed himself to his feet. Stumbling over to the figure, he said "I'm tired of your vague references to us as test subjects. You have committed heinous crimes against Starfleet Officers, and will be brought to justice."

The figure laughed, and with a flourish, tossed its hood back, revealing a familiar visage. Noticing the look of shock on the groups faces, with a flash, it changed its cloak into the uniform of a Vice Admiral. Smiling, it said "Justice? My parents took it to easy on you. Treated your dear Jean-Luc and Aunt Kathy with too much respect, like prized pets. I, Q, or Junior as my father calls me, don't want to be like them. It's so boring!" Noticing their surprise at his appearance, he said "What? You don't like my uniform? Dad and Mom always chose to wear a captain's uniform. I thought I'd go a bit flashier, you know, to show how awesome I am!"

The Bajoran man was shocked, "You have no right to wear the uniform Q! Your father didn't either. He is a menace to Starfleet."

Shaking his head, Q replied "A menace? After all we've done for you and your poor Federation? I should be offended on his behalf but I'm not." Sighing, he said "I suppose this is the bit where you say 'why did you do this Q, you are being a very bad boy'. You want know why I did all this? Why I caused the malfunction on the planet, brought you all here, and allowed you to be injured and die? I'm bored. Being omnipotent can get so repetitive."

Pacing, he added "I remember how much fun I had with Aunt Kathy, and decided to have my own fun with some live toys." Looking over to the ruins of the runabout, and the bodies of Bishop and Kilbane, he added "Sometimes though, toys get broken, and you throw them away."

"You treat life as if it is.... yours to do your bidding!" Ehal said in disbelief. he had read all about the Q, but have never actually met one. "You don't have the right!"

Rolling his eyes, he said "Don't talk to me about rights Ehal. I can, and will do what I want." He stopped suddenly, and with an almost unnerving smile, added "For now, you bore me. I wanted to keep playing, put more pieces into the game, but you've gone and make it all serious. Forget it, go home, I don't want to play anymore." With a flick or his hand, the world went white again.

=/\=Bridge, USS Sirona=/\=

Batai stumbled a bit, and fell into Ehal's shoulder. Looking around, he was confused by the sudden shift of location. With a sigh, he saw the nearby covered bodies of Kilbane and Bishop, the unconscious form of Martin, and the confused looks on the away team's faces. Trying to focus, he snapped to a nearby officer "Report! How long were we away? Status of the ship!"

A Vulcan science officer looked up, "Commander, you have been away for 3.8932 hours. Ships status is normal parameters."

Staring at her in shock, he turned to Ehal and was about to say something, but caught himself. Standing as steady as he could he said "Hail the Neru Ruling Council. Advise them we will be in touch soon to explain our absence. " Tapping his combadge he said "Dhej to Sickbay report to the bridge for ...remains collection and multiple injuries." Turning to the group he added "Everyone report to Sickbay, then to your stations. I will be in touch soon."

Placing his hand on Ehal's shoulder he said "Commander, you're with me. A word in my ready room?"

Ehal nodded, "Aye sir." He said as he helped the Commander into the ready room.

Entering the room, Batai thought about sitting at his desk, but knew he wouldn't be able to do so comfortably in his current state. Half sitting, half falling into the sofa, he gestured for Ehal to join him. With effort he said "I know you've just come ... aboard, for lack of a better word, but I need your advice. We've been though a traumatic experience, and it appears that only those of us on the away team know about it. I know we need to file a report to Starfleet, especially since we didn't exactly complete our mission with the Neru yet. I just don't know what to tell them."

Sitting down on the opposite side of the couch, the Bajoran man looked at the Commander, "I didn't know the officers that died, and I do grieve for your losses Commander. I can file a report to starfleet, and you can fill in the blanks if they require it. As a Command Level officer, I can do that."

Nodding, he said "Please do so Commander, I know it is outside of your normal duties, but I don't have a lot of choices at the moment." Pausing, he said "I didn't mean that as a slight at your abilities." Sighing, he added "Let them know I will be contacting Command as soon as I'm patched up. For now, please file the report, and take the bridge. I will be in touch soon."

"Yes sir." Ehal said as he stood up, "Need help to sickbay sir? Or shall I have you transported there?"

Shaking his head, Batai replied "I'll take my time Commander. I need a few moments to ... process everything. Thank you Commander." After the man left, he slowly got back to his feet, settled his makeshift crutches in place, and started the trip to the turbolift.


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