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Tending the Wounded

Posted on Sat Sep 30th, 2017 @ 3:38am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Phaedra & Lieutenant JG Vox Graydon & Ensign Hope Martin & Ensign Cassidy Westphall M.D., Ph.D. & Ensign Gregory Ellis & Petty Officer 2nd Class Justice Thomas
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Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Elsewhere
Timeline: Current

Batai groaned as he put weight on the makeshift crutches they'd been able to fashion from some nearby branches. Kilbane was off surveying the ruins of the Currie, trying to determine if they could salvage anything. Slowly, Batai made his way to where the other members of the away team were lying. They all appeared to show signs of life, but hadn't yet woken up. Clearing his throat he said firmly but calmly "This is Commander Dhej, please if you hear my voice, give me a sign that you are conscious. I am injured, and need to know the extent of your injuries"

Graydon slowly opened his eyes as his pointed ears perked up to the sounds of a muffled voice in the distance. He rolled over onto his front in an effort to push himself up onto his knees, his breathing ragged. He began feeling a pounding in his head and reached up with his artificial hand to touch his temple, pulling it away to reveal green blood. The level of pounding led him to believe that there was no doubt a good-looking gash on his temple. His head must have been greeted with a bulkhead when they went down. The details were... fuzzy, to say the least.

Vox sat up and looked around for the voice that was calling out. Gripping a bent chair, he rose slowly to his feet and walked towards the blurry form on the distance, revealing itself to be Commander Dhej, with what looked like a makeshift splint. "Captain... how bad are your injuries?" He moved closer to begin a visual assessment.

Ellis struggled to get up on his feet. "Beast-man" helped him. He thanked him and the two moved to join the others. The space he found himself in was strange, he felt cold but there was no wind and yet there was a brightness about the place as if there was a sun shining. He felt a pain in his arm where he fell on it. It was a dull throbbing feeling. Possibly broken.

"How are you doing," he asked the security officer that 'arrived' with him. "I think I hit my head. But I am fine," the man announced.

Nodding very slightly, he replied "Ellis, please bandage that wound on the Lieutenant's head. Use part of your shirt if needed. Apply a compress on the wound and tie another piece around it to give it pressure." Pausing, he winced as a surge of pain ran through him. Catching his breath, he added "I know whatever has happened to us is confusing, but I'm going to be counting on both of you to use the emergency medical training you have, as well as your survival training. I don't know where we are, or what's going on, but we will need to depend on each other to get through this."

Greg did as commanded and tore both sleeves of this uniform jacket off and tied the bandage. "There," he exclaimed. "If you need clean dressing, I have another sleeve."

Vox winced slightly at the dressing application, silently nodding his thanks to Greg. He didn't know the cadet, or anyone else very well yet but he appreciated the eagerness to help.

Cassidy slowly came to, her surroundings immediately spinning in front of her eyes, the nausea so intense she immediately shut her eyes against it. After several moments and ragged deep breaths, she eventually tried again and this time felt well enough to at least bring herself to a seated position slowly. When she did, she realized the people around her weren't much better off. "Does anyone know what the heck happened?"

Batai smiled slightly at Westphall, and said "It's good to see that you are as well as you can be Ensign. To answer your question, we don't know what happened. Right know we are focusing on tending the injuries of the wounded as best as we can. Commander Kilbane is trying to find out what we have left for supplies from the runabout. Are you injured in any way? Or are you able to assist with the wounded?"

Taking a couple more deep breaths to steady herself, Cassidy nodded to the senior officer. "As best as I can tell, I just got the wind knocked out of me, sir. I'll do what I can to assist the wounded." With that, she slowly eased herself into a standing position to survey her surroundings, looking for anyone in immediate distress.

Confident that everyone was functional, he said "Before it gets dark we need to find some place to use for shelter, and scout for a source of drinking water." Looking to Ellis he said "Cadet, can you and the person you were ... transported with look for a place to make camp?" Turning to Graydon, he said "Lieutenant, I'll leave you to scout for water. I will stay here and work with the others to continue to triage the wounded."

Graydon nodded to Commander Dhej and returned to the battered shuttle and began to rummage through the storage compartments, finding an undamaged tricorder next to the stored phasers he had packed. Flipping it open, he performed a routine check before returning to Dhej.

"Captain, considering that the shuttle crash was unusual, and we may have been attacked or sabotaged, I recommend the away team arm themselves as a precaution as we explore the surrounding environment."

Greg looked over at Graydon and then at the Captain. "It wouldn't hurt. This is unknown terrain. Whoever brought us all here, we're not sure it they are friendly. A good precaution."

Nodding, Batai replied "Agreed. Commander Kilbane is also on the far side of the runabout. I'd like you to work with him on establishing a perimeter. With my wounds, I'm not sure how good I'll be in a fight, but I'll take a phaser."

Graydon nodded approvingly and handed Dhej a phaser before picking up a few more. He made his way around the shuttle to where Kilbane was standing and offered a phaser to him and the other officers. "Commander, the captain sent me to assist with securing a perimeter around the shuttle. How can I help?"

"Not for me just now Lieutenant, thank you" Kevin said, waving away the offer of the phaser "give it to someone a bit more agile and able to use it quickly."

He adjusted his stance slightly then carried on "Now, from what limited movement around the terrain I could get because of the injuries to my leg and arm, I've worked out a defense. There's a wide stream to the back of us that acts as a natural barrier to anyone trying to come at us from there. What I was thinking of setting up is an updated version of the 'tin can on a trip wire.'

Inside the shuttle we have standard survey equipment. There's six beacons which, if placed and camouflaged properly, can act as 'the trip wire'. We can set up a low intensity continuous beam between the beacons which if broken, emits an alarm sound, 'the tin can', alerting us to anyone trying the get within the perimeter."

Graydon listened intently, nodding with approval. "Yes, that would be a viable sensor configuration, sir. I'll begin setting up the perimeter immediately." He turned and started to walk back to the shuttle ramp. The "tin can" sensor configuration would be ideal for detecting any threats that came close.

Arriving back at the shuttle stowage compartment, he began acrivaling the survey field generators and tweaking them for the desired purpose of sensing moving objects of certain sizes, making sure that they weren't going to go off for say, a small rat or a cat-sized animal.

While everything was happening, a figure nearby groaned loudly, and slowly sat up. With a shaky voice, Phaedra said "Um, how long was I out? I've got a massive headache, and feel like I've just gone 3 rounds with an angry targ."

Smiling slightly, Batai hobbled near her, and said "It's nice to see you finally with us Lieutenant. We're not sure what's happened, but for now we are trying to tend to the wounded, and make camp." Pausing, he added "Can you check on Ensign Martin? She is the only one who hasn't woken up yet."

Nodding slowly, Phaedra moved closer to the Ensign's form, and pressed two fingers to her neck. Shaking her slightly, she received no response. Standing, she returned to Batai and reported "She's alive sir, but still unconscious. I would recommend moving her to whatever camping area we can set up so she can be under further observation.

"Understood." Batai replied "I will leave her to the care of Ensign Westphall and yourself." Looking to the nearby woods, he was hopeful Ellis had found a suitable place to break camp.

Greg waved his hand and jogged toward Bataj, "There is a brook that runs on the other side of those trees." He pointed toward a small ridge of what looked like tall oak trees. "The ground looks solid and I can confirm the water is drinkable."

Nodding, Batai replied "Good work Cadet. Please work with the others to transport Ensign Martin to the location, and begin setting up some type of camp. We will join you shortly."

"Understood Sir," Greg grabbed his phaser and placed it at the lowest setting possible. Once he found the place he described he started to clear some of thorny branches and brambles. To Ellis the woods felt oddly familiar; almost as if he was camping in the woods surrounding Howard's Landing or somewhere on Earth.

Kevin slowly moved away from the shuttle craft towards a hollow. As he approached it, he could see there was a person lying on the ground. Once he got there, he could see it was Lieutenant Bishop. He managed to lower himself down to the ground and tried to waken the engineer, but to no avail. Reaching forward, he felt their neck for a pulse, but couldn't find one, so tried their wrist, again, he couldn't find one and that meant only one thing...

Tapping his COMM badge he said "Kilbane to the...Captain, Sir, I'm over at...the hollow the shuttle craft, there's something I need to show you."

Surprised that the coms were still working, Batai tapped his badge with his good hand and said "I'm on my way Commander. Dhej out." Slowly and painfully, he made his way to the side of the runabout. Gasping for breath he took a minute to compose himself and said "What is it Commander?"

"It's Lieutenant...Bishop, Captain, ...he's in the hol...hollow there" Kevin pointed "He's dead...S...Sir

Taking a moment to compose himself, Batai replied "Understood Commander. Please cover the body as much as possible. We will need to deal with it once we are back on the ship."

"Yes Sir" Kevin replied. He left the Captain and solely made his way back to the shuttle. Routing around, he found a survival blanket and started making his way back to the body of Lieutenant Bishop. As he walked, a sharp stabbing pain started in his chest and he stopped to catch his breath. It subsided after a few moments, so he carried on again. However, the pain returned, sharper and more violent then before and he found himself thumping his chest to see if he could rid himself of it.

The hitting seemed to lessen the pain, but it didn't make it go away altogether. His breath was coming in short sharp gasps now as well and his vision seemed to swim slightly. He carried on determinedly, not wanting to keep from making sure Lieutenant Bishops body was left exposed. Finally, he made it back to her and he laid the blanket over the body.

He stood up and saluted his fallen comrade. Lowering his arm, he was about to turn and make his way back to the shuttle when a shooting pain went right across his chest, causing him to tense up his entire body and grip his chest. His eyes bulged and he grimaced terribly as the pain increased in intensity. He tried calling out but only a strangled 'gurgle' came out. It felt like his entire chest was about to explode and he sank slowly to his knees. He continued to grip his chest as he gradually pitched forward and fell face first onto the ground.

Batai, who'd been making his way to the rest of the group, heard a weird sound, and as fast as he was able, shuffled back to the side of the runabout. Seeing Kilbane lying prone on the ground, he painfully fell to the ground beside him and wrenched him over to his back. Seeing some blood on the side of his face, his breath caught, and he pressed two fingers to his neck. Pulling them back, he let out a curse of frustration loud enough to be heard across the clearing.

Painfully, he moved a nearby smaller section of bulkhead that came come of the runabout. Shouldering it over with his good arm, he covered the bodies of Bishop and Kilbane. There would be time for mourning later. For now, he had to focus on those who were left, and find out what the hell had brought them to this place. Wiping a tear from his eye, he turned, and made his way back to the group.

Nearby, in the thick forest of trees, the face of a humanoid figure could be seen. The sides of its mouth twitched up in a slight grin, and it turned, disappearing into the trees.


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