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Posted on Sun Aug 13th, 2017 @ 7:35pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Justice Thomas & Ensign Gregory Ellis

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Bridge, USS Sirona
Timeline: Concurrent with "Into the Deep" Parts 1 & 2


With the Captain gone the Officer of the Watch took his seat at the center chair leaving a group of junior officers, Greg among them and a tall security officer whom Greg privately nicknamed "Beast-Man" his size and good looks were slightly intimidating. Greg did everything to keep his mind and eyes wandering toward the hulk across from him. "All departments are at Station Keeping sir," Greg said while tapping keys on his console. "In coming message from the Away Team."

"Let's hear it," the Watch Officer said.

"Runabout Currie to Bridge. Cadet Ellis, we are requesting permission to depart. Also, please ensure you are monitoring the course of the vessel, we don't want to disturb any of the local wildlife if we can help it."

"Understood Currie," Greg replied. "Adjusting sensors in your direction. You are clear so far. The locals are keeping their distance. I don't think they have noticed you yet. I do suggest silent running if possible sir." Again Greg kept his focus on the screen in front of him. He didn't notice the Security Officer now standing next to him. He turned to face the man just an alarm rang, "Shuttles are underway. They're heading towards the planet they should..."

Everything went blank and then a bright light covered Greg's vision. The gravity under his feet disappeared. Was he falling? Or floating? Either way his back made hard purchase onto what felt like scorched Earth. Shaking off the feeling he slowly opened his eyes Greg could still feel the presence of Beast-man lying next to him. Look to his right he saw Commander Dhej laying prone.

Where was he? Why was he here? He slowly sat up. Beast-man was peacefully asleep and slowly waking. As were the others. The strange sensation of floating remained in Greg's legs, the phantom feeling of ocean waves against his thighs, and his arms weakened as if he swam for hours. How long were they all here?

Greg tried to stand but gave up. Better stay down until he was told otherwise.


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