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Posted on Fri Sep 15th, 2017 @ 1:38am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Kevin, Lord Kilbane of Sanquhar

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Elsewhere
Timeline: Current

Batai slowly opened his eyes, instinctively squinting against the bright sun. Looking around in confusion, he tried to roll to his side to stand, but as soon as he put weight on his right wrist he shouted in pain. Trying to stand, his left leg crumpled under him. Lying on the ground, he looked around in horror at the away team, and from what he saw, the ruins of the Currie. He thought he saw a familiar form in the near distance, but it couldn't be possible, Kilbane was at the facility wasn't he?

Slowly he opened his eyes, but the brightness was to much, so he closed them again. After what felt like an eternity, but was only a few seconds, he tried again, this time, screwing his eyes up. It was marginally better, but the light still hurt.

His focus was dreadful, blurry, and no amount of blinking helped change it. Slowly, painfully slowly, Kevin eased himself up onto his left elbow. His focus began to clear more and he could determine that there were shapes, or forms, close to him.

He attempted to reach out and touch the nearest form to him with his right arm, only to realise that his arm was tucked beneath and behind him and when he tried to move it a searing pain shot through it causing him to yelp.

As he lay bck down on the ground, he heard the form yell out in pain, but it sounded, it couldn't be "" he tried to speak, but coughed and spluttered, blood flecks coming out with the spittle.

He lay quiet for a moment, then tried again, but more in a whisper "Captain..." and he coughed up more blood.

"" he managed.

Batai turned his head at the sound of the familiar voice. Painfully, he dragged himself nearer to Kilbane, and collapsed at his side. After a moment, he said "Commander, its me. What are the extent of your injuries?" He knew he should be focused on his own injuries, but his past life as a doctor took over. He wasn't in risk of dying from his injuries yet, but he needed to know how Klibane was faring. His breath didn't sound great, but a look over him didn't really give him much to work with.

Raising his head slightly, Kevin tried to speak "I, eh..." he began, and realised his throat was coated, so he tried swallowing "I think my bro...ken, and I can't feel my lef...t...left leg. My sight's blur..." and a coughing fit wracked his body, causing him to convulse.

When it finally stopped, there was a trail of blooded saliva down from the corner of his mouth and down his neck "Must admit...Sir, I've had bet...better days. How are you doing?"

Smiling very weakly, Batai replied "I've been better. I'm fairly sure my left leg and right wrist are broken. Unfortunately I don't have a medkit nearby. We're going to have to patch ourselves up as best we can before we check on the others and find out what the hell has happened to us." Looking around, he spotted a tree nearby, wincing, he said "Commander, can you reach with your good hand and snap off a few of those lower branches? I want to try to splint our legs, then make some sort of crutches to help us get back on our feet." Pausing, he bit his lip to fight the surge of pain that ran through him. Steadying himself, he added "I'm not going to lie, but its not going to be very pleasant setting our injuries. At least we'll suffer together."

As much as Kevin was in pain, he did manage to laugh through it saying "Well, a little...bit of masochism is good... for the soul I've... heard."

Once again, he tried hard to focus, but the blurriness remained. However, he could just about make out the lower branches the Captain was talking about. He closed his eyes, drew a deep breath and leaned over to his left side. Immediately, the pain in his right arm shot up to his shoulder and down his torso. Kevin shouted in pain, but wouldn't give in as he dragged his right arm out and let it flop to his side. Nausea, threatened to overwhelm him, but he fought against it as he clawed his way to the tree.

Eventually, after much cursing and swearing, he reached the tree and rested for a moment. Taking more deep breaths, he reached out with his left hand and snapped off a number of branches to act as splints for himself and the Captain.

"Sir, if you..." but that was as far as he got before a hacking coughing fit took over again, causing Kevin to lie down. He turned his head and spat out the bloody saliva "!"

"Can you...make it me...Sir?" he said to Batai.

Nodding slowly, Batai painfully dragged himself closer to Kilbane. While he was doing so, he absently noticed that neither of them were in their EV suits any longer. Dropping down beside Kilbane, he took a few moments to catch his breath. Turning his head to face him, Batai replied "I'm not going to question where our EV suits went, we can figure that out later. What I do need to tell you is that we are going to both need to have each other set our legs before we splint them. I'm not going to sugar coat it Kevin, its going to be extremely painful."

Kevin hadn't even considered the fact that they were no longer wearing EV suits, and for the moment, it was the lest of his worries, such was the predicament they now found themselves in.

"I've passed bas...ic secondary medical studies Sir, and...I know the theory of...setting bones, but I've never actually" he said "and as it pains me to say....", and at that turn of phrase, he actually stopped and laughed out loud "and it wi...ll be painful I know, can I...please ask set my leg I kn...know what I'm...doing with yours."

Nodding, Batai took a few moments to maneuver himself so his weight was on his good leg. Shuffling forward, he took Kevin's good hand and placed it on his upper thigh. Wincing, he said "I'm going to need you to press down as hard as you can with your good hand on this part of your leg. With my good hand, I'm going to quickly try to snap your lower leg back into place." Pausing, he looked Kevin directly in the eyes and said "I'm not going to lie Kevin, this is going to hurt like hell."

"I know Si..r" Kevin replied, not looking forward to what was about to happen "best we g...get on w...with it, eh? Just one th...thing though Captain, ju...just shout 'now!', don't a count down."

Looking him in the eyes, Batai took a deep breath and said "Now!" then quickly turned Kevin's lower leg back to its proper position. Exhausted by the effort, he collapsed beside him, struggling to catch his breath. He knew he needed to splint the bone, then have Kevin do the same for him, but for now, he felt like he couldn't move.

When the Captain had said now, Kevin had pushed down hard with all the might he could muster "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled as he heard the bone snap back into place, then the searing pain came. Nausea came over him in waves and he turned away from Batai and wretched.

He banged the ground with his good fist as the pain level grew in intensity and yelled, swore and cursed everyone and everything. Eventually, he lay back exhausted, tears freely cascading down his cheeks. The pain was lessening, but still there.

When he eventually mustered the energy to speak he said "Whenever're ready, S...Sir..."

Nodding, Batai grasped his thigh with his good hand and said "Do it. No lead up, just get it done, then we will splint our legs and move on." He was trying to be brave and pretend it wasn't going to be immensely painful, but he knew he was lying.

Kevin set himself, ready as the CO had been with him. Once he was sure he knew what he was about to do, he looked Batai in the face and said "Are you rea....", but didn't finish the sentence but instead snapped the bone back into place!

Screams of pain erupted from him, and he fell to his side, tears running down his face. He knew it would hurt, but also knew it was for the best if they were going to be able to function. After a few moments, he wiped at his face, and turned to Kevin. Shakily, he said "The worst is over Kevin, now we just need to splint the legs, fashion some crutches and check on the others. Are you going to be able to push through the pain enough to help?"

"A...aye Sir..." Kevin said, trying to sound as confident as he could, but not feeling it.

A short while later, the splints were done, as were the crude crutches. Kevin, now on his feet, said "I'll go...and check on...shuttlecraft Currie Sir, see what...can be...salvaged."

Pain was shooting down Kevin's left hand side, and his ribs throbbed, but he didn't want to show it was happening, so through immense concentration, he managed to keep his facial features fairly calm looking.

"Once I've...completed my survey o...of the Currie, I'll, Sir" he said.

Nodding slowly, Batai replied "Sounds like a plan Commander. Keep me posted. " With extreme effort he began walking to where the others were located.


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