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Into The Deep End Part 2

Posted on Wed Aug 9th, 2017 @ 12:56am by Captain Batai Dhej

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Runabout Currie/Various
Timeline: Current
Tags: Tag Everyone

=/\=Runabout Currie=/\=
Batai took a deep breath as the runabout approached the meeting coordinates for the Neeru delegation. He was happy to be able to meet them, and get to work on helping the wounded. Soon, they were within meters of the area, and he ordered an all stop. Standing, he turned to the group and said "Helmets on people. As outlined in the mission brief, the rear compartment has been modified so it can be flooded, to allow for an easier transition to the aquatic environment."

Receiving nods of understanding from everyone, he checked the seals on his helmet and crossed to the nearby bulkhead. Pressing a control, he waited for the readings to show all clear. Soon they did, and he stepped towards the door...and immediately was thrown into the side of the bulkhead.

Looking in alarm at the team, he was about to speak when it felt the entire universe was being turned inside out. His vision went white, then nothing.

What was once an empty field, looked like the site of a battle. The bodies of the members of the away team were spread across its surface. One could see that they were still breathing, but none were conscious. Nearby the forms of Kilbane and Bishop lay near each other, and near them, curiously, the form of Ellis.

Gone was the watery world they had dived into, its peaceful waves offering them a chance to help a potential new ally. In the near distance the slightly twisted form of the Currie lay on its side, as if tossed aside like a child's toy. It's engines dark, it smoked with unseen fires, catching the nearby vegetation. Even though no one was awake to know, they were certainly not where they were supposed to be.


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