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A New Challenge

Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 3:12am by Captain Batai Dhej & Ensign Gregory Ellis

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Ready Room/Transport Darius
Timeline: Current

=/\=Ready Room=/\=
Thankful that the majority of the final preparations for the first meeting with the Neeru were complete, Batai was about to call it a night. That hope was dashed when his console beeped with a pending message from the Darius. Crossing to the console, he pressed the button, and waited for an answer.

One Week Ago
"Are you sure you want to do this," Doctor Gray asked.  He perched himself against the edge of his desk, arms crossed at the chest.  Gray's whiting hair was slightly longer than standard.  He was civilian teaching several classes to the future of Star Fleet.  Across from him sat one of his students, an advisee who had too much ambition for his own good. 

"Yes, Professor.  I think I am," Gregory Ellis though sitting in a short chair mimicked his teacher's pose.  "I believe that my best bet is to serve my last year on board a Starship.  I don't know why but I just think that I should put what I learned into practice."

"But are you ready? Because everything you've been telling me so far has been nebulous," Gray countered.  He wasn't far from the truth.  For two weeks Gregory had been pestering the old man for a recommendation for an early post.  Any early post on board a Starship.  With just two more semesters to go Gregory would have his choice of any ship in the fleet.  Gray felt that this young man was jumping the gun.

"I am ready," Ellis said.  "I know I am.  I just don't think I can sit in classroom any more.  I need to be out there." Ellis found himself standing up and now facing the only window in the room.  It's view was a panorama of the Academy's large Quad and a fountain in the center.  Ellis watched as students, teachers, and officer roamed freely around the area.  Some stopped joyfully to talk to each other while other sat on benches eating, studying, or taking in the sights.  "I have to be out there sir.  It's time for this bird to fly."

"You do know getting placed this early isn't rare but it also isn't easy," Gray stood next to him.  "But, if this is what you want I will write the recommendation.  I can't guarantee it will do much."

"Thank you sir," young Gregory Ellis said.  "I have to at least try."

"I will miss you," the professor said.

"Me too.  You've been a good friend," Gregory replied. 

"Just promise me you'll write."


The console beeped again and the face of a young pilot appeared. "Hello Captain," the pilot said. "We're approaching your location for new assigned crew. I hope you were aware?"

Shaking his head in slight confusion, Batai replied "I am aware of the Transport Darius rendezvousing with us at Neeru, I'm just slightly confused why a Starfleet Cadet is at the helm of a civilian Federation transport? Did the captain choose to give you some flight experience?"

"Our pilot had eaten some bad gremlek on our way from Tantarus-B. He's been out of commission for the past two hours. He's sweaty and gray. A Medical Officer has been looking after him. I am the only one with flight experience at the moment. I am Cadet Senior Grade Gregory Ellis, assigned to your ship for my final year." The young man sat up straight in his chair.

Nodding, Batai replied "It is nice to meet you Mr. Ellis. May I ask why you chose to finish your senior year onboard a vessel? From my understanding that is not exactly standard procedure."

"I felt it was time for me to expand my education beyond the classroom. I know that it is a rare occurrence that only happens during wartime but I have spent the last three years studying the equivalency of five years of training. It was time for me to move on," Gregory said. He pressed a key off the visual range of the screen.

Smiling very slightly at the man's determination, he replied "Your dedication to your education is commendable Cadet. I trust you understand I will not be able to take it easy on you, or treat you any different than other officers? With the exception of training you on systems you may not be familiar with of course?"

"I understand completely, sir." Gregory's eyes looked down for a second as he moved his concentration toward the flight controls. A brief silence passed as he keyed in commands. "Captain, I am increasing speed we should be at your coordinates in ten minutes."

Glancing at a status report beside him, Batai confirmed the ship had arrived at Neua, and was entering standard orbit. He replied, "Understood Cadet. Once you arrive, enter a synchronous orbit with us around tNeua, and advise the other officers to beam over to the Sirona. Once you are settled in, I'd like you to report to the bridge and take the Ops position, as our Chief Operations Officer, Ensign Martin, will be part of the away team." Pausing, he said "I am sorry I won't be on the bridge to meet you, but we will speak soon. Do you have any further questions at his time?"

"No sir, I am just glad to finally be out here,' Greg smiled. "And will be an honor to serve with you."

Nodding, Batai replied "I look forward to working with you. Sirona out"


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