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Expecting the Unexpected

Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 10:17pm by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Kevin, Lord Kilbane of Sanquhar

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Transport Darius/Ready Room
Timeline: Current

=/\=Ready Room=/\=
Batai was ready to take a break and try to get some sleep before they arrived at the planet. Unfortunately before he was able to shut off his console, an alert appeared, advising him that Lieutenant Commander Jekkar had been suddenly reassigned. Slamming his hand on the desk he let out a litany of curses, but was interrupted by a voice from the com system. It said "Ensign Graves to Commander Dhej. I'm sorry to interrupt you sir, but I have a incoming message from the Transport Darius for your eyes only. Shall I put it through sir?"

Thinking for a moment that it was likely Lieutenant Bishop contacting him again, he sighed and said "Go ahead Ensign put it through." Moments later a face appeared on the screen he didn't recognize. Clearing his throat he said "To whom am I speaking? I was not aware there were any other officers aboard the Darius."

"This is Lieutenant Commander Kevin Kilbane Captain Dhej, I've been reassigned to the USS Sirona as your new Executive Officer Sir. As you've just heard there will be a delay is meeting you Sir, but I'll give you my transfer orders once we meet up.....'if' we meet up" he replied, looking around him at the degenerated over worked, under powered transporter.

Looking at the man in shock, Batai replied "It's nice to meet you Commander Kilbane. I'm sorry if I'm appearing somewhat shocked, but I wasn't expecting to have a new XO assigned so quickly. Before we go further, have you been briefed at all in regards to our current mission?"

"Unfortunately no Sir" Kevin replied "I finished up my last assignment and basically got bundled into this transporter with nothing more than a hearty slap on the back for getting my promotion and a PADD with my transfer orders on it. Other than that, I know as much about the current mission for the Sirona as I do about the secret ingredient to my grandmothers fruit loaf!"

Nodding, he replied "In general, we have been tasked with assisting the Neeru, the local species found on Neua. There is a facility that is a joint venture between the Federation and their own scientists. Since their world is almost 98% aquatic, it is an interesting source of information. Unfortunately it has had some recent malfunctions, resulting in some light casualties, and many wounded. We are to assist with the wounded, help repair the facility as we can, and investigate what caused the malfunction."

"Do we have any information on what the joint venture was about, it could help us with our investigation?" Kevin asked.

Shaking his head, Batai replied "Not yet unfortunately Commander. We know it is a joint research facility that was set up to help Federation scientists study the unique culture, biology and planetary makeup of the Neeru. It was also envisioned as being a place to exchange information and build a relationship with the Neeru. The planet is in a strategic area of space, as well as being along trade routes. From my understanding, the Federation is investing a lot of resources into its success."

A feeling of foreboding came over Kevin, in his experience it was never good when the information you required to help put a mission plan in place wasn't forth coming 'till' you were almost on top of the place you were going 'to'.

"Right you are Sir" Kevin said "I'll speak to you again once I'm on board the Sirona, transport ship Darius signing off" he finished.

Sitting back as the conversation ended, Batai shook his head, not expecting to have a replacement XO so soon, and knowing things would continue to change day by day.


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