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Late Arrival

Posted on Tue Jul 11th, 2017 @ 4:22am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Auryn Bishop

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Transport Darius
Timeline: Current

=/\= Federation Transport =/\=

"Hey, kid," the skipper of the "Darius" said to Auryn Bishop. "How're my engines holding up?"

Bishop stood arranging his tool kit in the back storage compartment, having broken it out to work on a faulty injector seal that had caused the aged civilian transport to stop mid-journey. Now they were well behind their scheduled arrival to Starbase 245.

"Fine," Auryn said without looking up. "Just don't go past warp 3 until you've gotten a new injector, unless you want to manually control your containment fields."

"Well, that might be a problem," Captain Lewis replied. "Just checked in with the starbase, seems we missed your ride."

Bishop moved quickly to the control station where Lewis sat. "What? Damn, that's not going to look good."

"Relax, it happens more than you think. We're being rerouted to rendezvous with the USS Sirona at Neua." Lewis blinked. "Huh, never heard of that one."

"Can you signal the Sirona? I want to make sure they're aware we'll be inbound as soon as possible."

"Sure thing." A few taps on the comms systems and a wait for the subspace signal to reach the target, then the confirmation of receipt.

Batai looked up instinctively when he heard "Bridge to Dhej. I'm sorry to interrupt you sir, but we've just received a message from the transport ship Darius. It is directed to you specifically sir. Should I put it through?"

Sighing slightly, as he'd been staring at his workstation for way too long, he said "Yes please. I'll take it in here. Dhej out." Activating his console, he waited a few moments until the face of a man he didn't recognize filled the screen. Curious he said "This is Commander Batai Dhej, Commanding Officer, USS Sirona. To whom am I speaking?"

Auryn could not help a momentary look of surprise. He was expecting perhaps the Ops officer, or even the XO, but there was CO of his next assignment. "Sir, I am Lieutenant Auryn Bishop. I was supposed to report to Starbase 245 for assignment, but my transport was delayed. 245 relayed my orders to join the Sirona at your destination."

Nodding, Batai replied "I understand Lieutenant, don't worry, life happens. I look forward to meeting you in person soon. However, I'd like to have you prepared for the mission before we arrive. Have you had a chance to review any information about the mission?"

Auryn hesitated, suddenly feeling very much like cadet who had not studied for an exam. "Er, no, sir, I'm afraid I haven't. I only just received the final assignment orders en route that you needed an engineering replacement, and I do not recognize the point of destination so I can't extrapolate the mission off hand." It sounded a very poor excuse even as Bishop spoke the words.

Shaking his head, Batai replied "It's ok Lieutenant. In general, we are our mission is to fold. We are to provide medical assistance to the Neeru and Federation scientists who have been injured during a malfunction of the joint research facility. Also, we are tasked with providing any assistance we can to repair, and investigate the source of the malfunction. I do have to ask however, how familiar are you with operating an EV suit underwater?"

Bishop blinked. "I'm sorry, sir, did you say 'underwater'?" The zero-g course training at the Academy began with an underwater introduction, but it was not something generally emphasized. "Well, it's not how I usually go to work, but I have done it. This is an aquatic world, then?"

Nodding, he replied "Yes, it is an aquatic world. Only about 5 percent of it is land, which was terraformed to provide a landing ground for ships." Pausing, he added "I will let you know that initial reports indicated that the situation between the Neeru and the Federation scientists is... tense, and I am hopeful they will be open to our assistance. I am also unsure of how extensive the malfunction has spread. You may have your work cut out for you."

Bishop furrowed his brow somewhat in thought. "I'll need to go over the system logs to assess and diagnos the nature of the failure, and then I should be able to give you a time table on projected repairs. Is the malfunction isolated to Federation systems?"

Shaking his head, Batai replied "I'm not sure Lieutenant. The Neeru have been somewhat lacking in providing detailed information. I will forward you all the information we've received. When we arrive at the planet I will ask you to come aboard, and we'll get to work. Was there anything further you'd like to discuss before I leave you to your work?"

"No sir, I believe that will be enough to get me started. I'll make sure I am fully briefed before I arrive," the engineer replied.

Nodding, he replied "That sounds good Lieutenant. I look forward to meeting you in person. Dhej out." After the channel closed, he sat back and shook his head in disbelief, knowing the one thing he could count on in Starfleet was not being able to count on anything.


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