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Posted on Tue Jul 4th, 2017 @ 6:28pm by Captain Batai Dhej & Ensign Mavuu & Ensign Hope Martin

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: ShuttleBay 1
Timeline: current

=/\=Shuttlebay 1=/\=

Batai yawned as he walked into Shuttlebay 1. He hadn't slept well the night before, having spent way too much time catching up on the situation with the Neeru. Even though the Federation scientists had been clear in explaining the situation on the planet, they had been very verbose in their descriptions. Pausing for a moment as the doors opened, he walked over to where his people were working on the Runabout Nerid.

Clearing his throat, he said "Forgive the interruption, I've stopped by to check the progress on the modifications. Have you two run into any issues so far?"

Hope slid out from under the Runabout with black streak of grease across her forehead. "We are making some serious progress on the modifications." She turned around and sat up and looked at him. "But I do have some concerns about going under water myself. I have never been very good at swimming sir."

Nodding, Batai bit back a smirk and said "Before we get to that Ensign, you may want to wipe your forehead. You seem to have picked up some fluid from the craft." Pausing, he said "I wouldn't be too concerned about being underwater. The modifications to the EV suits should make it a bit easier to maneuver. " Looking around, he added "I see you are very busy, so I will try not to take too long. I do want to let you know that you're going to be my point person for the preparations to the runabout and the EV suits. I've very recently received Lieutenant Brennan's resignation as Chief Engineer."

Hope walked over to one of the EV suits, picked it up and carried it over to Batai. You could see a smooth layer over it to make the swim smoother. She ran her hand over it feeling it's texture under her fingertips. "That is too bad, we were working well together sir." She looked up at him and smiled confidently. "I should be able to complete the modifications, though I would like an extra set of hands." She paused. "That isn't Thirteen."

Nodding, he replied "That's good to hear Ensign. Please feel free to enlist any crewmembers or resources you need. I am hopeful that we will be ready for whatever comes our way during the mission. Have you run into any issues with the runabout modifications?" He was curious if she had been able to access Starfleet's files on the modifications, as it wasn't exactly standard procedure turning a runabout into an underwater vehicle.

She wiped her hand on a rag and looked at the runabout. "No, I haven't had any issues. It's just a little awkward modifying the panels by myself." She looked back to him. "I am not familiar with the other engineers on board, do you have any recommendations?"

Thinking for a moment he said "I may a good suggestion." Tapping his combadge he said "Dhej to Mavvu. Please report to Shuttlebay 1 immediately."

Moments later the doors opened and a woman walked in. Small gusts of vapor came from the metal contraption on her chest. Walking over to the pair, the Benzite woman said bluntly "Ensign Mavvu reporting as ordered. What am I needed for sir?"

Batai sighed slightly at her bluntness and replied "Ensign, you will be working with Ensign Martin to help complete the modifications to the runabout for aquatic travel and adapting a number of EV suits for extended wear." Turning to Martin he said "Ensign Martin, I will leave you two to work. Keep me updated on your progress." Knowing he had a lot of work to do, he quickly left he bay, on to his next meeting.

Mavvu looked to Martin and said "You are the first example of cross breeding of a Bajorian and Cardassian I have met. It will be interesting getting to know you Ensign. I hope to be able to learn more about you." Pausing, not waiting for a response, she added "What is the status of your efforts? I want to know if I will need to start over on any of the modifications."

Hope blinked hard at Mavvu then cleared her throat. "Yes, I have almost finished with the modifications. There are some parts I needed another set of hands to help with." Hope walked back to the Runabout. "I have already completed the modifications on the EV suits."

Letting out a sound that could be interpreted as a sigh, Mavvu replied "I will review your progress, and hopefully will not have to start any of the work again. I am an engineer as you know, and perhaps more experienced in these sorts of modifications."

Hope sighed, but remained professional. Clearing her throat she said "Please keep in mind Ensign that I am your superior officer, and I have indicated a lot of the work is already complete. I am however open to any suggestions you have, but we cannot start over, we don't have time.

Mavvu let out a cloud of vapor, signaling her frustration, but simply said "Yes sir. I will begin reviewing your work. Thank you for the opportunity."

Hope shook her head, and turned her attention back to the padd she was working on.


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