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Posted on Mon Apr 3rd, 2017 @ 12:53am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant Commander Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant JG Ra'jirr Rrareth & Ensign Jack Bauer & Ensign Brennyn Scott M.D. & Ensign Hope Martin

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Bridge


Batai took a deep breath as he stepped out onto the bridge. Crossing to the command chair he took a seat and decided to get things started as quick as possible. Tapping his combadge he said "Dhej to Jekkar, R'rareth, Brennan, Bauer, Martin, Scott and Tollehn. Please report to the bridge immediately."

Ra'jirr flicked his tail as the Captain's call came in. He had been looking over reports from their last mission. He picked up a pair of PADDs that he thought he might need, and headed to the bridge.


Hope reached the bridge and took her place at the Operations station. She looked around still astonished she is now the Chief Operations Officer.

Solan stepped out of the Turbolift and then approached the XO seat. The Andorian Commander gave the Captain a nod and then checked his console.

Chief Engineer Brennan entered the Bridge and walked to the Auxiliary Engineering Console. After activating it and transferring controls to this section, Brennan turned to the Command Well, "Engineering is reporting in sir. All panels are at green. We are ready to jump to Warp at your discretion."

Hearing the page, Doctor Scott wasted no time leaving her office and heading to the bridge, where she took a position next to the commanding officer. She offered him a simple acknowledging nod.

Nodding as everyone arrived, Batai stood up from the command chair and said "Thank you all for coming. I know normally we would have our staff meetings in the observation lounge, but we are already en route to our new mission. Before we get into the details, I wanted to make a few quick introductions." Gesturing to the chair beside him he said "This is Lieutenant Commander Solan Jekkar, our new Acting Executive Officer, and at OPS, we have Ensign Hope Martin, our new Chief Operations Officer. She has been on board for a little while, but has very recently accepted her promotion. When you have a few moments, please feel free to introduce yourselves."

Scott offered smiles and technology dogs to each member of the team introduced, adding a wink to Hope as the two of them had talked not long ago.

Hope smiled back and nodded at Scott.

Bauer nooded at them both and stepped back into the shadows.

Jekkar looked around at the assembled Bridge Crew. "Thank you for the introductions." The Commander nodded. "As Executive Officer I'll make it my mission to get to know you all over the coming months, my door is always open if you have any problems."

Brennan felt a twinge of jealousy wash over him. It was a brief green feeling that passed him. For several weeks Andrew was the Acting Executive Officer and with it brought on the bug of command that nibbled at his heart. He knew the role was temporary and accepted it willingly. But his first love screamed louder than the center chair; his engines.

Ra'jirr nodded, "I'm Lieutenant Rrareth. I'm in charge of Strategic Operations, our job is to analyze information, coordination with other ships and organizations, as well as optimizing our responses to events." His voice had the low purring rumble that Caitians often used in their voices.

Gesturing to Martin, he said "Ensign Martin, can you use your holographic globe to bring up a representation of Neua? All relevant information should be in our files." As he waited for her to do so, he added "Neua, is home to the Neeru, a fully aquatic species that could best be described visually, as a humanoid sized Terran shrimp. Ensign, you should also find some information about what the Neeru look like in your records as well."

Hope activated the sphere, carried the hologram to the center of the bridge and then expanded the aquatic planet to fill a 3rd of the free space. There was only a small part of the planet that had land in the Northern hemisphere the rest was a deep blue ocean. Hope selected a small portion of the planet and moved it to one side expanding down to one of the inhabitants. They were, as Dhej said, large shrimp like creatures.

Gesturing to the globe, and the image of the Neeru, Batai said "Our mission is going to complicated, because we are being sent to help the victims of a system failure on a joint Federation-Neeru underwater facility. There have been recent systems failures, which have caused a high number of wounded on both sides. Our job is to help the wounded, discover the source of the failures and try to repair them." Pausing, he added "Also, since the Neeru are currently not part of the Federation, this incident has caused tension between us and them. The Federation wants to keep relations between us positive, so we are faced with not only dealing with the crisis, but being diplomats as well."

Consulting a padd, he said "That being said, we are en route to Neua as we speak. We have a lot prep work to do before we arrive. I will give you all your assignments, then we need to get working. First, Brennan and Martin, I need you two to begin working on modifying one of our runabouts to work in aquatic mode. There should be schematics in our records on how to do so. Also, I need you to work on modifying our EVA suits to work for an extended period underwater. While there is a small area of the facility for air-breathers, we will be spending a lot of time in the suits interacting wit the Neeru."

Hope stood at attention and nodded. "Yes sir, right away!" She looked over to Brennan and nodded.

Turning to R'rareth, he said "R'rareth, I know this may be slightly outside of your normal duties, but I need you to research all you can about the relations between the Federation and the Neeru. Normally this would be done by our Chief Diplomatic Officer, but we don't have one at this time. If you need assistance accessing any relevant files, let me know."

Rrareth nodded, "I will have it taken care of Captain."

Nodding to Bauer, he said "Ensign Bauer, I am hopeful we won't need to use our security team, but I would like you to run drills with your people in underwater tactical procedures. I want to be prepared for anything. Also, please work with Brennan and Martin on updating any of the runabout's weapons systems to be effective underwater."

Bauer, saying nothing simply nodded his head in understanding.

Finally, he turned to Scott, and said "Scott, as you know we are unfortunately without a Chief Medical Officer at this time. I want you to work with the medical staff to prepare the hospital pod for incoming patients. Please convert one of the bays to serve the needs or our aquatic patients, and one for air-breathers. Review what information we know about the Neeru, and their medical procedures. Also, advise the medical staff about how to operate underwater."

Looking around at the group he said "Unless anyone has any questions, let's get to work. We should arrive at Neua within 4 days, and need to ready for anything. Does anyone have anything we need to go over before we finish?"

Jekkar turned to the CONN. "Helm lay in a course for Neua, Warp Six." The Andorian Commander then sat back in the XO seat and examined his console. "All Decks report ready for Warp Sir. We are all set."

Nodding, Batai took his seat in the command chair and said "Thank you Lieutenant. Helm. Engage."


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