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A Quick Chat

Posted on Wed Mar 8th, 2017 @ 4:28am by Captain Batai Dhej & Ensign Hope Martin

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: A cafe on the starbase

=/\=Starbase 245=/\=

Hope sat across from Elloise and watch her soft lips sipping on a delicate china tea cup. Hope smiled and picked up her own cup and breathed in the sweet scent of strawberries from the clear pink tea. She closed her eyes and tasted the warm liquid. She smiled again and sat back. "It's so nice to have a moment to relax."

Elloise looked up from her drink and nodded. "Yeah, you have been very busy. They have given you so much to do lately."

Hope leaned forward and ran her hand genitally through Elloise's soft raven hair. "I will always make time for you my love."

Elloise blushed and moved close and kissed Hope's lips tenderly. "I love you Hope."

They both smiled and Hope looked up to see Batai at the counter.

Batai smiled at the barman as he picked up his drink. He'd allowed himself a bit of downtime before heading to bed. Dressed in casual clothes, he hoped he would be able to take a few moments to relax, and not think about ship's business. However, once he turned, he saw Hope and her partner at a nearby table. Making his way to their table he cleared his throat and said "Excuse me ladies, I hope I'm not interrupting, but would I am be able to join you for a moment? I have a few things I'd like to discuss with you both."

Hope looked up and smiled at Batai. "Of course feel free." She gestured to the empty seat next to her. Elloise tried desperately to avoid eye contact as she stared at her tea with her hand folded firmly in her lap.

Nodding, Batai took a seat and sipped his drink. Clearing his throat, he said "I know I probably should've waited until we were on duty to speak to you both, but I thought it would be ok to do so now." Turning his attention to Hope, he said "Ensign, I mean Hope, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your assistance on the bridge during our encounter with The Shadow. Your innovative scanning methods and upgrades to the sensors were ground-breaking. Thank you."

Hope sat up straight and smiled proudly. "Oh, well... thank you. I'm just glad I could have the opportunity to help."

A soft smile sneaked across Elloise's face. She was proud of everything Hope was doing on this ship and felt happy that Batai was willing to praise Hope in front of her.

Nodding, he replied "To that end, I was hoping you would accept the position of Chief Operations Officer permanently. You can still work on your projects in Astrometrics, but your focus would be Ops."

Hope blinked surprised, "Ya... Yes.. I would be honored Sir."

Smiling, he replied "Once we are back on the ship I will go over the details with you and ensure you have the proper access to ships systems and records." Pausing, he turned his attention to Elloise, and said "Miss Elloise, is it true you used to have your own restaurant on Earth and that you are a trained chef?"

Elloise's eyes widened as panic washed over her. "Lu... Lunar colony...." she whispered.

Seeing the panic on her face Hope reached out and touched Elloise's hands to calm her.

Nodding, he replied "My mistake. That being said, I hope you are aware that we have a lounge on deck 2 that hasn't really been set up yet. We departed the starbase a bit quickly for our first mission, and we didn't have a chef or lounge manager assigned. I was wondering if you'd be interested in taking over the lounge and food services position."

Elloise's heart began to race and her hands trembled under Hope's. Her eyes darted to Hope then back to Batai. "I... I... I d.. don't know..." She looked back at Hope her eyes wide and unsure. "I don't know... I don't know if I can..."

Hope smiled softly and stroked her hand. "I think you can... no..." she tightened her hands around Elloise's "I'm sure you can. It would be good for you sweetheart."

Elloise bowed her head and looked back at Batai. "Ca... can I think about it..?"

Nodding, he said "Of course you can. Let me know when you make your decision, and I'll be sure to make whatever preparations you need are taken care of." Standing, he finished his drink and said "I will leave you to your evening ladies. Thank you for your time."


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