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A New Face

Posted on Wed Mar 8th, 2017 @ 4:27am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant Commander Solan Jekkar

Mission: Currents of Change
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Current

=/\=Ready Room=/\=

Batai stood and stretched, thankful that the ship had arrived at Starbase 245 without any delays. The ship was now undergoing light repairs, restocking, and transferring of its patients from the Yards. Knowing he needed sleep, but determined to get some tasks completed, he tapped his combadge and said "Commander Dhej to Lieutenant Solan Jekkar, please report to the ready room immediately."

Solan walked around the Bridge of his new Assignment. "Aye Sir." The Lieutenant then took the very short walk across to the Ready Room and entered since he had an invitation.

The tall Andorian walked up to the Trill and with an air of formality stood before him. "You requested me Commander?"

Stnading, Batai nodded and extended his hand," Yes Lieutenant. I wanted to officially welcome you aboard, get to know you better, and go over our next mission. It's nice to meet you Mister Jekkar." Pausing, he sat, and gestured to the seat in front of the desk and said "Please take a seat."

After shaking his hand, Solan nodded and took the vacant seat opposite. "Thank you Sir." Solan sat back and eased up a fraction.

Smiling slightly, Batai said "Before we get into details of our upcoming mission, I want us to get to know each other better. I'll be kind of blunt, I'm not like other commanding officers you may have served under. I tend not to be as formal and distant as some. That being said, in front of the crew I'd like to maintain some formality, but when its just the two of us, fee free to speak you mind."

The Lieutenant nodded. "Understood." The Andorian man remained as stoic and formal as when he walked into the Ready Room. "My last posting on the USS Thor required a similar approach. I am open to your Command style it's your Ship of course but I am not afraid to be honest and to the point."

Nodding, Batai replied "I'm happy to hear that." Pausing, he added "Forgive me if I sound a bit informal, but can you try to relax a little? I know you are new to the ship and your posting, but its a bit hard to get to know someone when they are being a bit too reserved." Shaking his head, he said "Please, if I've offended you, I didn't intend to. I tend to speak my mind often."

"Very well." Solan said as he eased up a little.

Moving on, he said "Before we get into our new assignment, I'm curious if you've had a chance to review the after mission report of our mission at the Xaiver Fleet Yards?"

The Lieutenant nodded. " I have indeed, a very curious case if I say so myself." Solan pondered for a moment or two. "This Shadow certainly knew far more than you would expect and the fact that they knew so much about the Sirona is a cause for concern."

Nodding, he said "It is a cause for concern, but it is hard to do a lot about it at this point. The vessel we encountered was remotely controlled, so we weren't able to learn much more about them. All the information we were able to gleam from our scans has been forwarded to Starfleet. " Pausing, he said "Now on to our new mission. It is going to be certainly ... interesting for lack of a better word. Have you ever heard of the planet Neua?"

"No Sir I have not." Solan admitted shaking his head.

Nodding, Batai replied "I admit I hadn't heard much about it either until I received our new orders. It is an aquatic world, with water covering 90% of its surface. It is home to the Neeru, a fully aquatic species. The Federation currently has scientists working with them in an underwater facility to learn more about their planet. It is hopeful that this cooperative exercise will help them step towards joining the Federation." Pausing, he added "Our mission however, is in a word, complicated. We are initially being sent to help with the medical crisis that has happened due to a systems failure. Reports show that a number of Neeru and Federation individuals were harmed. There is however another layer to our mission."

The Lieutenant listened intently to what was being relayed to him. "Yes Sir."

Taking a moment to review his padd, Batai added "The second part of our mission is in regards to the tension between the Neeru and the Federation scientists. There are concerns that a small but very vocal group of dissents is growing in numbers. This group is very opposed to any sort of involvement with outsiders, or to use their phrase 'air-breathers' and is accusing the Federation of 'disrupting the currents'. Some members of the Federation Security Council are concerned that this group may derail the eventual admittance of the Neeru to the Federation. There are also concerns, though unfounded, that they might have something to do with the malfunctions at the facility." Taking a breath, he added "I have a bit of a special request of you Lieutenant, and I hope that the information I've read about your background will be an asset to this request."

"What request is that Commander?" Solan asked him. The Mission itself seemed fairly straightforward enough to grasp but the final part has certainly peeked his curiosity.

Sighing, Batai replied "Command has asked me to make use of your abilities as a criminologist and find out more about this resistance group. They want to know their motivations and if they are truly behind the malfunctions. The complicated part of that request is that since the Neeru aren't part of the Federation, we can't do an open investigation. They are concerned that any attempt to do so could disrupt the relations with the Neeru. Since this investigation needs to be kept classified, I need to confirm you are willing to volunteer for it, and use discretion to accomplish your goals. What are your thoughts Lieutenant?"

Solan thought about about it and nodded. "I'll do it." The Andorian knew that discretion was the best way to deal with the situation. "I am aware that if I am caught then it will be plausible deniability."

Nodding, Batai replied "Thank you Mr. Jekkar." Pausing, he quickly grabbed something from behind a stack of padds, and stood, his hands behind his back. Affecting a serious look on his face, he said "Before we finish, and I let you get settled in, I'm afraid there has been something overlooked by your previous commanding officer aboard the Thor."

"Sir?" Solan asked a little confused by the situation.

Clearing his throat, he walked around the desk and said "Solan Jekkar, please stand." As the man did so, he brought his hands forward from behind his back, holding a small box. Smiling, he said "Solan Jekkar, I am honored to correct an oversight. In recognition as a talented and dependable officer, as well as a respected criminologist, I officially promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and all the rights and responsibilities thereto." Reaching up, he attached the hollow pip to the man's collar.

Humbled at the very surprising turn of events the Andorian Officer nodded. "Thank you Sir, I shall endeavour to serve you and this Crew to the best of my abilities."

Nodding, Batai replied "I wouldn't expect anything less Commander. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better. Dismissed." Once the man had left, Batai let out a sigh, and knew he had a bit more paperwork to do before he could relax and spend some time on the Starbase.


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