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Checking in

Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 @ 2:30am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant Commander Solan Jekkar

Mission: Currents of Change
Timeline: Current

=/\= Ready Room=/\=

The Subspace link had been established and the Caitan Admiral sat behind his Desk looking at Commander Dhej. The Admiral had a PADD in hand and began his assessment. "Sirona has performed better than anticipated given her mandate." The Admrial said to him. "Diverting resources from the Luna Class Project was a risky endeavour but somehow you managed to pull it off."

Smiling slightly, but not showing his teeth, as he knew the man would take it as a challenge, he said "It's a pleasure to see you Admiral K'reve. I assume you are contacting me in response to my status report on the Xaiver Fleet Yards disaster and subsequent engagement with the still unknown enemy known as The Shadow?"

The Admiral shook his head. "I have read the reports on that situation, this is in regards to some Personnel matters."

Sighing, he said "Permission to speak freely sir?" He wanted to lash out at the Admiral for reassigning so many of his senior staff, with no notice, and for a complete lack of support of the ship's mission. As he waited for a response, he mentally prepared himself for what he wanted to say, and hoped he'd still have his command afterwards.

The Admiral sized him up. "Permission granted Commander."

Taking a breath, Batai replied "I have some deep concerns about how my command has been affected by the numerous personnel changes. I've had most of my senior staff reassigned, and have gone through two Executive Officers already. If I didn't know any better sir, I'd think there was something going on to undermine the success of my ship." He hoped he hadn't overstepped, but he needed to express his concerns.

The Admiral raised an eyebrow. "Commander, your Ship is assigned and reassigned Staff based on the mandate of your mission and the skillset of those involved." The Caitan stroked his whiskers. "Other assignments within the Fleet have more urgent need of those individuals at a more pressing time." K'reve looked at him.

Wanting to snap at the Admiral for not referring to the current mission as urgent, but knowing it may not be the best idea, he simply nodded. Clearing his throat, he said "Understood Admiral. I understand the need to have the best people in the best places." Pausing, he added "So onto the personnel matters you mentioned. How can I help?"

"You have been assigned an Acting XO for the Sirona, a Lieutenant Solan Jekkar." K'reve said. "He's been moved over from the USS Thor and the Gamma Quadrant Expeditions." The Admiral nodded.

Nodding, he replied "Understood sir. I assume we are picking him up at Starbase 245 while we resupply, have our patients transferred and undergo light repairs?" He was hoping the downtime at the starbase wouldn't be too long, he wanted to move on to the next mission.

"Affirmative, Jekkar has been informed of the transfer and will be standing by for your arrival." The Admiral said to him. "Jekkar is a Crimininologist first and foremost, but he has a jack for strategy."

"Understood sir." he replied, then added "Was there anything further sir?"

"Yes it has been decided that a Luna Class Starship is not befitting a man of your rank, so Starfleet has seen fit to grant you a Promotion to Commander effective immediately." The Admiral said without batting an eyelid.

Pushing down his shock, Batai simply replied "Understood sir. Thank you sir. Is there anything else we need to discuss?"

"No Commander, you have your orders and your staffing so please carry on at your discretion for the time being, I'll be in touch." The Admiral said before closing the channel.


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