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Do I have the right

Posted on Tue Dec 11th, 2018 @ 7:06am by Ensign Nira Tomla

Mission: Balance
Location: Tohree Homeworld
Timeline: Co Current with "Ruffled Feathers, Part 5"

What a big transformation, Nira thought. First she was at the academy, then assigned to the USS Sirona, and now the fate of a planet. Now lies in her hands. She hated this feeling. But there was not much she could do about it.

Nira knew this could happen, but she never assumed that it would happen today. She hoped she would have had more time to settle into the ship, before being asked to save the day. But given what she heard about this ship, she should have expected the medical emergency to hit sooner versus later.

Nira was going over some numbers, and so far their torpedo calculations, were coming up short. She needed to find a way to increase the intensity of explosion. But as soon as the torpedo entered the molten lava core of the planet, it was neutralized by molten lava. Surface level explosions were not cutting it. How would they solve this problem, wondered Nira.

Right now Mavuu was running her own simulations. It was a contest, who could come up with the numbers first. And save the day. She was not sure if she was ready to save the day, be the hero the Tohree needed. She was barely in control over her own life, she was asking the prophets to look after her, and now she was looking after a race of her own. Was this what it is like to be a god, she wondered?

The power and the ability to determine if a society survives. She wondered why Starfleet was allowing them to interfere? Where they so desperate, that they would be willing to save a race, just to get them to become part of this federation?

Nira knew there was a natural order to the universe, and she had to wonder if she was disturbing the universe. And she wondered if her prophets would be able to protect her, for her part she was about to play?

Nira tried to reassure herself, that maybe it was the will of the prophets, that she was there and trying to save the Tohree. She was not sure for sure, but that idea was easier to stomach, then the idea of going against the universe.

She hated the idea that fate of a race, was in her hands. But she had a job to do. What a crappy job she had today! She sat down, going over the numbers as the scene fades away.


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