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The Calvary

Posted on Sun Dec 2nd, 2018 @ 3:56am by Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Captain Batai Dhej

Mission: Balance
Location: Tohree Homeworld
Timeline: TBD

Elsie had returned to the surface with the extra personnel. She was very happy and confused all at the same time. She had no idea how to feel inside, at the moment. She used her diplomatic skills, to keep her emotions at bay. Even though people could probably sense, she was in turmoil. But in a good way. She walked over to the Captain and with a big grin, she said. "Brought the cavalry."

Batai looked up from the small mobile console that he was using at the command post. It was a far cry from his ready room, but it would do for the time being. He'd taken the liberty of replicating a field jacket, having learned that the nights on the planet would get chilly. Smiling, he said "That's good to hear Lieutenant. I trust you were able to deal with the .... directness of our Ensign Mavuu?"

"I believe we have came to an accords. Have you made any progress sir with the Tohree or Mreek in my absence?" Elsie asked, she was trying to get herself back up to speed. She could not help herself, she was a little worried about Mavuu, and if she would be able to keep her composure. The Tohree can be challenging to work with. But so can a Benzite named Mavuu.

Shaking his head, Batai replied "My team has at least been able to work with the Healers to help some of the wounded, even though I had to be a bit... direct with them. Doctor Phaedra has been a great resource. While I mention it, I did want to let you know I made some changes in the Medical Department."

"Changes?" Elsie asked. "You have my undivided attention." She said softly, not to alert anyone, as she placed her hand on his shoulder. She knew that Batai, was still recovering, from the incident regarding the USS Kubu.

Nodding, he replied "I observed how the medical team has dealt with the mission so far, and have found some interesting information. Doctor Vanth appeared to step back a bit in hir involvement, but Doctor Phaedra stepped up and took control of the situation with little difficulty. I've informed Phaedra that she has been moved to the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer, and Doctor Vanth has been moved to Assistant Medical Officer. I have also sent a request to Starfleet for a new Chief Medical Officer when one becomes available."

"Lieutenant Phaedra, is a valuable asset to this ship, and deserving of the promotion. I have noticed that Doctor Vanth, has had a transition, maybe its causing the lack of involvement. I happy to hear, we are going to keep hir on for the time being. Do you want me to work with the Doctor, to see if we can get hir, back on track. I hate to see a good doctor fall by the wayside?" Asked Elsie. "The USS Sirona,, needs all the doctors she can get. Given our unique mission perimeters, and the assignments we go on." Suggested Elsie, feeling a little sad for Doctor Vanth. But the good Doctor lack of involvement was not on her shoulders. But she was going to see, what was causing the lack of involvement.

Nodding, Batai replied "Feel free to do so Lieutenant. I would be gentle though, the change in hir responsibilities may still be a bit raw, and I wouldn't want to cause any undue stress." Pausing, he said "Now onto the results of your teams scans? I received a notification of the results. Something about the magma around the core solidifying, and causing severe changes in the rotation?"

"Yes, the magma density is magnifying, which is causing inconsistency and thermal and electromagnetic disturbances planet wide." Said Elsie, feeling like the harbinger of death. Giving the Captain, nothing but bad news. She tried to spin things in a positive note. "Ensign Nira and Mavuu, are working on possible solutions, but Captain we might be faced with a moral dilemma, allow the Tohree to parish or force relocations. I doubt they will go willing. But at this point, I think we should inform Mreek, what we have discovered thus far." Elsie said with a deep concern on her face.

Frowning slightly, Batai said "Wow, that's a lot to process. I had thought we were just dealing with some random earthquakes, not the potential destruction of a planet. Do we know how widespread the solidified magma has spread?"

"Yes sir, but I am confident those two will come up with something, the tricky part is, will Mreek and his people accept the solution, they come up with? I have a dire feeling, that the Tohree are not going to like the options." Said Elsie.

Nodding, he replied "Ok, we need to work on how to advise Mreek and her people about the situation, and begin to develop any possible solutions to prevent any further loss of life." Pausing, he looked down to a padd on the console in front of him, and frowned. Looking up at her, he added "I almost forgot something that I was going to do after the mission, but I think there is no time like the present." Pausing again, he said "Elsie Barnett. Please stand."

Elsie was not sure what was happening, but she stood up. She wondered if the Captain was upset at her, for delivering bad news. She was hopeful that Nira and Mavuu, would be able to find a solution."Alright." Elsie said as she stood up, and waited to see what Batai wanted. She was not a telepath, but she could tell that Batai was up to something, but what it was, she was not sure.

After she did so, he reached into a pocket in his field jacket and held a small box in his hand. Clearing his throat, he said "Elsie, you have served the ship as its Acting Executive Officer extremely well, stepping up when needed, despite any personal reservations or doubts. You've quickly become my right hand, a trusted confidant, and an amazing friend. I am honored to have the opportunity to officially install you as permanent Executive Officer, and promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with all the rights and responsibilities thereto." Stepping forward, he opened the small box, took out the hollow pip, and added it to her collar. Stepping back, he added with a smirk " May your Creator have mercy on your soul" Extending his hand, he said "Congratulations Elsie, you deserve it."

Elsie was speechless, she allowed a small smile. Because of the situation. She did not want to arouse any unnecessary attention, at this very moment. "I don't know what say, but I am honored Captain. I am truly and deeply honored. Thank you for those kind words." Elsie said, as she reached up to grab her new pip on her collar.

Smiling, he said "Now lets get back to work, no time to sit around doing paperwork. We need to develop a way to deliver the news to the Tohree, and to see if there is a way to undo the damage before it gets any worse. I would first suggest bringing everyone together to give them the news, and brainstorm any ideas or options


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