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Ruffled Feathers, Part 4

Posted on Tue Nov 27th, 2018 @ 3:22am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Phaedra & Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Lieutenant JG Byron Coleman & Ensign Cassidy Westphall M.D., Ph.D.

Mission: Balance
Location: Tohree Homeworld
Timeline: Current

Elsie looked to her Captain for a brief moment, "We're ready to head out, Captain." Said Elsie as she looked over to Vanth, Cassidy and her dear friend Phaedra. In someways she felt they had the harder job. Having to deal with the Tohree without her their to coach them. They needed to be on pins and needles and respect the Tohree. Not an easy task, for an untrained diplomat.

Cassidy still felt they didn't have all the information they needed, but she was eager to see the situation for herself and was eager to move out.

After Barnett's team left, Batai gestured to his group to follow him, and approached the healers nest. Before they entered the circular door, he turned and addressed the group. Clearing his throat, he said "We need to be careful about how we interact with the Tohree inside this facility. As Mreek warned us, their talons and beaks can be dangerous if we make them any more agitated than they already are. Please follow my lead, and let's hope we can help."

Cassidy merely nodded, finding his direction to be sound and not requiring a verbal response.

Entering the opening, the team was immediately hit with an almost physical wall of sound. High pitched shrieks, squawks and whistles, too loud and chaotic for the universal translator to make sense of. Phaedra, with her slightly enhanced hearing, clutched her head in pain, while the others covered their ears to block out the noise. Batai, frustrated at the situation, and knowing they couldn't help if they didn't know what was going on, climbed onto a nearby surface that looked like a table and shouted "You!. Will! Listen!".

Immediately the noise lessened a little, to almost a dull roar. Clearing his throat, he said "We were invited here to help by Mreek. To help your wounded beings. Who is in charge of this facility?"

A being, similar in size to Mreek flew towards him and landed. It had a dull brown plumage, with a bright red comb of feathers on its head. In a masculine sounding voice, it said "I am Healer Krech, and I run this nest. I am unsure of how much you can help us, being offworlders. How familiar are you with our biology?"

Batai was about to respond when Phaedra spoke up "Excuse me Healer, but Mreek allowed us to scan her with our technology. Your biology is similar in some ways to other avian species we have encountered. I am confident, with the help of you and your staff, that we can assist with your wounded."

Impressed with her for speaking up, Batai nodded and said "I would agree Healer. The four of us are trained healers, and would welcome the opportunity to help your wounded. Will you allow us to do so?"

Krech flared his neck feathers, and shook his head in a gesture of annoyance, but then let out a sound similar to a sigh, and said "I will agree. We were unprepared for the severity of this calamity, and are struggling to keep up with the wounded. I will assign each of you to one our sub-healers, and they will fill you in with our progress."

Batai nodded, and replied "Thank you Healer, please lead the way."

Cassidy was surprised when the Captain yelled at the Tohree, but she couldn't deny what it lacked in diplomatic sensitivity, it made up for in effectiveness. She followed the team.

After leaving the group, Elsie looked to her team. "Alright boys, lets get started. Follow me." She said as she pulled out a tricorder, and started to scan the near by area. Trying to isolate any seismic anomalies.

Byron looked to Elsie, he was still unsure about tonight. But he knew at the moment he could help out, and be objective. "Lead the way Ma'am." Teased Byron, with a big grin on his face.

Lance couldn't help but crack a smile as well as he checked his kit. Paraphrasing Leonard McCoy occurred to him but he kept his mouth shut.

Elsie tried her best not to laugh, but she could not help it. "Really Byron?" She asked in a playful tone to her voice. "How many times do I have to ask you not to call me Ma'am?" She asked him.

Bryon smiled, "I am not sure if calling you Elsie on an official function was appropriate Lieutenant?" Teased Bryon, he had a point. And they both knew it.

"Okay Bryon, you made your point, call me Ma'am if you must, you know I prefer Elsie. we have history. You earned the right to call me by my first name in small groups like this." She said, in a softer tone. She thought it was strange for her former lover to call her Ma'am or sir or Lieutenant.

"Elsie, just giving you a hard time." Said Bryon, with a small smile on his face.

"Now that's settled." She said with a big grin on her face. "Come on guys, we have a lot of ground to cover." Said Elsie as she started to sync her tricorder to the data that that Tohree had provided. she wanted to find the focal point of the ground quakes.

"Right behind you Elsie." Said Bryon, as he pulled out his tricorder, and started to scan the area along side her. He noticed that Lance was very quiet. Lawyers, he thought to himself. They are always quiet, until they are in the court room. Then you can never get them to shut up.

Byron, Lance and Elsie started to hike for a bit. Elsie was really picking up the pace thought Bryon. He did not say anything. He just remained quiet. Eventually she stopped, and Bryon reached for his tricorder, he noticed that Elsie was doing the same.

Elsie started to scan the area, she noticed a lot of disruption patterns and black dust around an open fisher. "What do you make of this?" Asked Elsie as she looked to the two men.

"Appears to be a massive fissure, caused by shifting in the tectonic plates from the planet's mantle core." Said Bryon, reading data off the tricorder. He was not a scientist. 'Transmitting our findings to the USS Sirona, and let our science guys confirm my findings." Suggested Bryon.

"Good idea, we should send down a micro probe to survey the fissure, and transmit real time data to us." Suggested Elsie, as she stopped for a moment, and reached into her day pack, and grabbed a micro probe. After calibrating the probe with her tricorder, she dropped it in the fissure.

The fissure was very hot. Elsie did not stand near the fissure for very long. She had no intention of being barbecued by the heat waves emanating from the fissure. Elsie walked back over to Bryon. "Are you seeing this?" She asked, hoping his readings were matching hers. The probe was transmitting data back to them.

Bryon could smell a sulfur like smells, and the heat waves were pretty intense. "The fissure is filling with magma, but a slow build up, I fear we could be looking at a global event, Elsie." Said Bryon, with a concerned look on his face.

"What could be causing that?" Elsie asked openly to Lance and Bryon. She was puzzled by this course of action. "Sending the probes further down the fissure." She said. She wanted some answers. "Scanners are going off the chart." She said, with a little excitement in her voice. She was a little concerned with the readings coming from her tricorder.

"I'm not sure sir, but I have a theory, I need the Sirona to confirm it, and gain access to the Tohree database, which maybe hard to achieve, seeing isolated they are. And their lack of trust in outsiders." Suggested Bryon.

"Let's hear it." Said Elsie, she was curious, what Bryon thought this might be. She never understood why he became a pilot, he had natural talents as a scientist. He loved a good mystery.

"This is all hypothetical at this point, but something has disrupted the mantle of this planet, only a few things I know that can cause that, top of that list, a solar flare." Said Bryon. He believed that the planet was affected by a solar flare. Now he needed proof of that.

"Let's confirm that theory." Elsie said as she tapped on her combadge, and reached out the USS Sirona. She had ordered the Sirona, to scan the sun, and determined if Byron's theory, was accurate. The Sirona, was able to prove through sensors logs of near by satellites that the Tohree Sun, recently had a solar flare.

Elsie looked over to Bryon and Lance. "Let's tell the Captain, what we have discovered." Elsie said, as she led the two men back down the trail, to the main group staging area. She wondered how Phaedra and Batai were doing on that front.

"We need to find away to stabilize the planet's core." Said Elsie. Saying it was the easy part, actually doing it, would be tricky. But they had to try, otherwise the Tohree, will be in further danger.


Elsie, Lance and Byron started to approach the captain's position. Elsie walked over to the Batai. "Captain, we have determined the caused, but we still no closer to solving the issue though." She said, feeling like, she had failed him in a small way. At least she could tell him, what was happening here on the Tohree Homeworld. Thanks to Bryon.

Batai looked up from where he was sanitizing his hands. He'd been busy with the work in the healing nest, and had decided to take a break in the command tent for a few moments before getting back to it. Wiping his hands on a nearby cloth, he said "Report Lieutenant. Have you discovered what is causing the geological disturbances?"

Bryon walked over with Elsie and Lance. He waited for Elsie to give her report to the captain, he stood by, incase she needed him to back her up. He noticed things seemed to be a little chaotic in this area, no doubt the Tohree were not being good patients.

"A solar flare has somehow interfered with the planets core. It has caused its rotation to stall, which in fact has caused several side effects. Like the Tohree and their ability to fly." Elsie said, trying to get straight to the point. She was not a scientist, she did not know all the science mumbo jumbo lingo.

Sighing, Batai replied "It sounds like this mission has suddenly become a lot more complicated. I'm open to any suggestions you may have."

To Be Continued ....


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