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Ruffled Feathers, Part 3

Posted on Tue Oct 30th, 2018 @ 1:54am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Phaedra & Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Lieutenant JG Byron Coleman & Ensign Cassidy Westphall M.D., Ph.D.

Mission: Balance
Location: Tohree Homeworld
Timeline: Current

Elsie was a little annoyed that JAG was starting an investigation on them, at this very moment. This was bad timing, she thought. Why were they in such a hurry to investigate the death of Reginald Hawthorn? She was not sure, and she was not going to get any answers down on the planet. Elsie and Batai, noticed how busy Vanth was, s/he was in another world. Working on the samples provided, Elsie looked to Batai, and pointed to Phaedra. "Doctor what do you have to report?" Asked Elsie, hoping not to startle Phaedra.

Phaedra looked up from her tricorder, eager to get on with the hike and the eventual help of the Tohree and smiled slightly. "So far I don't have a lot to report Lieutenant, except that the biology of the Tohree is fascinating. I did study some xenobiology back at the Academy of course, but the complexity of their physiology is fascinating." Pausing, she collected herself and added "They do however seem to be similar in systems to other avian species, so treatment of injuries should be adaptable."

"Well that's good news." Elsie said, with a big grin. She was trying to keep positive. She was a little worried and annoyed about the JAG investigation. She wanted to warn Phaedra about the JAG Investigation. But Elsie needed Phaedra to focus on the Tohree right now, not on the previous message.

Noodding, Phaedra replied "Yes Lieutenant. Let's hope they are receptive to our help, as dealing with a flock of angry avians isn't what I'd like to deal with today."

Bryon approached with some medical supplies that Doctor Vanth and Doctor Phaedra needed. He walked over to Elsie and Phaedra, and smiled as she looked to Phaedra. "Where would you like these doc?" Asked Bryon. He asked Phaedra the question but his eyes and mind where on Elsie. He was a little nervous about their evening plans.

Looking to Byron, Phaedra replied "Put them in that pack over there please Lieutenant, thanks." Checking the last of the readings on her padd, she looked to Barnett, then over to Dhej and said "I think I'm ready, everyone else ready to move out?"

Elsie was still standing near Phaedra, she was trying to play catch up, while trying to be helpful. In reality she wanted to know how she was handling everything, the medical mission plus the ongoing jag investigation. But at the moment, they had to wait for Bryon to deliver the products.

"Not a problem Doc. " Said Bryon as he placed the gear, where Phaedra told him. He smiled at Elsie, as he passed by her. He was happy at the moment. He knew it was euphora, he knew tonight could be, lets be friends type of talk. But for the moment, he was happy and nothing was going to change that.

"Thank you Bryon." Said Elsie, as she watched Bryon leave the area, the two ladies were alone again. "How are you doing with all of this?" She asked, hoping that Phaedra knew that she was talking about the mission and the jag investigation?

Shrugging, Phaedra replied "To be honest Lieutenant, I don't really understand why they would do this investigation during such a critical mission. These beings are in need, and we know have to deal with all of this in the middle of it." Pausing, she added "I'm sorry if I spoke out of turn Lieutenant. I'm just frustrated."

"Don't be my friend, we have been through a lot, a little leeway is in order." Suggested Elsie in a positive manner. Deep down she was just as frustrated as Phaedra. But she knew the crew would be looking to her, to be their emotional stability rock. The foundation of their trust and confidence.

Cassidy also thought the JAG investigation was poorly timed, but there wasn't much she could do about it at the moment. Instead, she focused on the Tohree and the relief she felt that so far, there weren't too many surprises with their physiology.

"Miss Westphall, a moment please." Suggested Elsie, as she waited for Cassidy, to walk over to her position. She wanted to check in with Cassidy. Even though they were here to help the Tohree, she had an obligation to check in with her senior staff and the away team.

Surprised to hear her name called, Cassidy stood and walked over to Elsie, curious as to what she needed. "Problem, Lieutenant?"

"You have been assisting in the distribution of medical supplies to Doctor Vanth and Doctor Phaedra, how is it going? Do we need more personal on the surface, or we doing okay?" She asked, hoping that they were doing okay. Elsie was not sure if the Tohree would want more guests beaming down or flying down to the surface. Elsie's first priority was to help the Tohree combat this medical mystery, and to establish good rapport with the Tohree.

Cassidy appreciated being consulted, but she couldn't help but wonder if there was some reason the CMO wasn't being asked this question. She hoped what she offered wouldn't create conflict. "I think we're handling things well. We knew going in we would need to limit the number of people involved because of the Tohree's concerns, so we tried to prepare for situations we thought we might encounter. Of course, we had little information to go on and we're still gathering it, so it's probably best to keep checking in," Westphall added with a small smile.

Elsie smiled, she prepared to walk away. She placed one hand on Cassidy's shoulder. "Sounds like a great plan." She said, as she let go of her shoulder, and continued to make her rounds.

~Four Hours Later~

After a brisk but relaxing hike through the giant forest, the group arrived at a clearing, where they saw a number of large nest-like structures. Batai turned to Mreek and asked "Is this where the injured are being treated?"

Mreek landed on a nearby branch and dipped her head in acknowledgement, and replied "Yes Captain Dhej. These are our main healing nests and hatcheries. During the groundshakes and skyfalls, we lost a number of our hatchlings and greyfeathers, or what you would call older beings."

Ruffling her neck in and approximation of a shudder, she added "I will tell you, that you may be walking into a very chaotic area with a lot of injured beings. I can't promise all of them will be friendly. You are however all trained as healers in some way are you not?"

Batai nodded, and replied "I am sorry for your losses Mreek. My team and I are committed to helping you in any way we can to prevent more loss of life. However, we do need what we would call a game plan. Marching into one of those structures and taking over treatments isn't going to work."

Turning to the group, he said "Anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this? Perhaps small groups or handling one nest at a time? I'm open to options."

"We need to establish two teams, one team to investigate what caused the ground quakes, while the other team prepares to help the wounded. We should set up a mobile command tent to coordinate how the mission is going. Who is being treated, how the investigation is going to the ground quakes." Suggested Elsie. She knew this was going to be a challenging mission. Convincing a isolationist wounded person to seek help, was no easy task.

Cassidy nodded. "I also think we should do what we can to limit the number of medical staff coming into each structure by deciding ahead of time who will be assigned to each small group. I was thinking 1-2 nurses could go into each and do an assessment and then based on that, we can assign the right doctors. The more we can limit exposure to constant new people, the better I think the Tohree will feel."

"Mreek, would it be possible to re locate our medical supplies closer to the nest? WE can limit the personal who come to the nests, we want to treat your people as soon as possibly, and as lovely as your forest is, we would be delaying medical care if our nurses and doctors had to hike back to base camp to get more supplies." Asked Elsie in a calm and collected voice. She was trying to reason with their Tohree rep.

Batai was pleased that Elsie had taken the lead on the suggestion of two teams. Turning to Mreek, he added "With your permission, we'd also like to bring down what we call a mobile command centre, it would also be used as Lieutenant Barnett suggests, as a place to store our medical supplied."

Mreek let out a sound that was similar to a sigh and said "I will allow it, as long as you bring down this unit quickly. My people are already on edge, and having items appear out of thin air will not help them remain calm." Pausing, she added "I agree with your people helping in the healer nests. Be careful though, there are a lot of injured beings, and when we are scared, our talons can cause a lot of damage by accident."

Nodding, Batai replied "Thank you Mreek. I assure you we will be as quick as possible setting up the command centre." Tapping his combadge he said "Dhej to Sirona. Please beam down a standard command post module, and a crate of medical supplies to our teams location as soon as possible. Dhej out."

Turning to the group he said "Ok everyone. As Barnett suggested, lets break into two teams. Barnett, Coleman and Holt, you will investigate the groundshakes and skyfalls. Try to figure out the cause of these events, and if they are likely going to happen again. Westphall, Phaedra, Vanth, you will be with me in the medical nests. It hasn't been too long since I was a CMO, so I'm sure I'll be able to mange. Anyone have any questions before we get to work?"

"Aye Captain, we will find out what is happening on this planet." Suggested Elsie, knowing what she just said, was not going to be an easy task as she looked at Bryon and Lance, and smiled as she said "Gentleman your both with me." She said, as she waited for them to fall in with her.

"Right behind you" Lance said. The last thing he wanted to do was make waves after all.

"Alright Captain, we will find some answers, good luck here." She said, as she prepared to take the boys with her. She was curious what was causing the ground to shake. She wanted to help the Tohree.

Nodding, Batai replied "Keep me posted Lieutenant. I'll be sure to get the command module set up and functioning, then get to work." As he said that, the air shimmered, and a large crate appeared a few feet from them. Smiling slightly, he made his way towards it, ready to get to work.


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