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Time can not mend all wounds

Posted on Mon Oct 8th, 2018 @ 7:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Lieutenant JG Byron Coleman

Mission: Balance
Location: Runabout Cabin area
Timeline: After Ruffled Feathers, Part 1

A short time had passed and Elsie was a little concern for Byron. She could tell he was agitated. She assumed it was over the political red tape they were going through with this isolation society. "Are you okay?" Elsie asked. She was unaware that he had been seeing a therapist for the issues of them trying to be friends.

Byron was not expecting to hear that sweet lovely voice behind him. But he needed to get use to the idea that they were going to be going on a lot of away missions together. He wanted to tell her, how he felt. But he did not want to make things more awkward than they were between them. He kept his back to her, as he said. "Just gathering supplies Ma'am." He said, trying to be strong for her, or was it a defensive mechanism for him?

"Ma'am. Since when we have been formal with each other?" Elsie asked, wondering what was going on with Byron? He was acting strange around her. She wondered what was on his mind. It did not dawn in her, their past may be the issue.

"Was not sure, you do out rank me." Bryon said, trying to avoid answering her question honestly. He hoped she was going to let that slide, and continue on with the mission.

Elsie had a suspicion that he was not being totally honest, she wanted to call him out on it. But was this really the place and time? "Byron we go way back, please just call me Elsie." She said, playing his little game. Hoping he would open up to what was really bothering him.

"I can do that." Bryon said, with a half smile on his face. He faced to look at the console that started to beep. "Looks like the Captain's coming. Eta 5 minutes." He said, forgetting to say Elsie.

Elsie saw right through his little act. But this was not really the place to call him out on it, especially since the Captain was coming to the runabout. She looked at the bay door. And noticed it was open. She waited for Batai to walk in. While she waited, "Well Bryon, what are you doing tonight? Any plans?" She asked, trying to sound cheerful and upbeat. But in reality she wanted to talk to him, about how he is coping.

"I have not that far ahead to be honest, trying to get through this mission." He said, wondering what she had in mind? Her tone did not make it sound like a date, but more of a lets get together and talk, type of voice.

"Dinner my quarters?" She asked, hoping that her quarters would be less threatening to him. She wanted to work through this problem. Not keep it lingering in the shadows.

Byron was not sure what to make of her offer. Was this a date, or was this one of those, we need to have a talk moments? He was not sure, his mind was still a mess. But a chance to see her alone, that was a little to hard to say no too. They needed closure.

"What do you say, dinner tonight my place?" She asked, knowing that Bryon was really thinking about it. She could tell there was a lot, they needed to discuss.

"I will be there, do I need to bring anything?" Byron asked, not wanting to be a rude guest. He was not entirely sure, why she had asked for a dinner function. Part of him believed it was because she wanted to talk about their past, another part, a hopeful part. Wanted to believe, it was to re spark their past.

"Just your appetite. The Captain is coming, will talk more about this tonight." She said, as she quickly ended the conversation.


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