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Ruffled Feathers Part 2

Posted on Sun Sep 16th, 2018 @ 11:07pm by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Phaedra & Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Lieutenant JG Byron Coleman & Lieutenant JG Doctor Bheria Vanth D.V.M., OB/Gyn & Ensign Cassidy Westphall M.D., Ph.D.

Mission: Balance
Location: Tohree Homeworld
Timeline: Current

=/\=Tohree Homeworld=/\=

Mreek let out a sound that could be interpreted as a sigh, then replied “I do not want to be rude Nest-Mother, but we know about The United Federation of Planets and your rules. We do not need to leave the forest to see the stars beyond our nests.” Pausing she added “It is why we were so specific in our call. I understand you have something called the Prime Directive. It is one of, if not the most, important rule you follow correct?”

“Correct, it’s one [of] our highest laws.” Elsie said, wondering where Mreek was going with this line of questioning. She waited patiently and projecting positive vibes, to all around her. She suspected the Prime Directive would have been mentioned during some point of the meeting, however she did not expect it to come up so soon.

Byron wondered why Mreek was acting very strange. Bryon was no diplomat, and he was getting a little agitated at the treatment of his people. They were here to help this race. It was starting to become clear to him, they were not welcomed here.

Cassidy listened carefully to the conversation happening around her, gathering her own impressions. She had questions of her own, but thought better of interrupting the conversation, lest the already skittish representative become even more uncomfortable.

Vanth listened intently, trying to remain patient. Hir tail twitched. S/he’d heard something about ‘groundshakes’ and ‘skyfalls,’ s/he could only guess this Mreek might be referring to seismic activity, and as for ‘skyfalls’… who knew what that meant; storms? Meteors? Certainly not comets, those would be too big. Just one would be big enough to cause an extinction level event. The doctor yearned to know if there could be – even now – people trapped somewhere and in desperate need of rescue. Hir ears flattened out of love and concern for the others even though they were complete strangers.

Mreek shook the feathers at her neck as she sensed the frustration from the group. Taking a breath, she said “I apologize for being so vague and asking obvious questions. I just want to make sure you understand the terms of your presence here. I hope it was made clear that you are not to share any information about our people and our culture until the mission is over, and we agree it is allowed to do so.”

Pausing, she added “There are some of us who are going to reject the idea of having outsiders healing them and will be very forceful in their rejection. I honestly don’t know what you will run into while you are in our forest, but I hope you will understand that a lot of my people are scared, angry and very confused by everything that has, and is happening to our world.”

“We understand, and we will honor and respect your cultural beliefs but understand, if your people refuse to be treated, we cannot help them. Ethically it would be wrong to treat someone against their will. I hope most of them, will allow us to help them. We come to your world, to assist you.” Elsie said, making sure to leave out the part of wanting to learn about them.

Bryon was impressed with Elsie’s skills as a diplomat. She had come along way, from the young lady he once dated a few years back. He hoped Mreek would accept her goodwill gesture. Bryon wanted to help Mreek’s people.

Now they seemed to be getting somewhere, Cassidy thought. There was an illness at play here.

Bheria was glad s/he’d had the forethought to do what little S&R-K9 training s/he could with Doctor Phaedra. Hir skin crawled and itched to get into quadruped form and enact upon hir yearning to fulfill ‘seek.’

Elsie was waiting on Mreek’s response. She hoped that Mreek was satisfied so they can proceed with the mission. The Tohree needed assistance, and the crew of the USS Sirona, were ready to provide assistance.

Letting her head drop slightly, Mreek realized that the group was becoming…slightly frustrated with her. Quietly, she said “I apologize for my reluctance to let you do your work. I know you are here to help because of my call, and yet I’ve spent all this time telling you how hard the work might be. I apologize.”

“We appreciate your warnings, it never hurts to be prepared.” Elsie said, as she continued on. “We stand ready to serve, we understand the risks, and graciously accept responsibility for the risk. As Starfleet officers, we took an oath to protect life, and respect the rights and customs of other cultures. We are humbled to be in your service, on this glorious day.” She said, pointing all around them.

Inclining her head, she attempted to convey a sense of openness, and added “I will let you do your work, by starting with scanning me. I know you do not have knowledge of my people’s anatomy, so it would be wise to get a baseline, so you can begin to help. Also, please feel free to ask any questions about the medical, security, environmental or whatever other issues my people are going through. I will provide as much information as I can.”

Elsie looked to Doctor Phaedra and Doctor Vanth, she nodded with her head, they were now up. She hoped both officers were ready to assist. Especially after that little show Elsie just played with Mreek.

That was hir cue. Doctor Vanth stood and stepped forward, hir tail lightly, excited both to meet a member of a previously unknown species and to finally get started. “Your exaltedness I am Doctor Vanth, I am the head of the medical department aboard the U.S.S. Sirona it is an honor to meet you.” S/he gestured to the female Ferengi, “this is Doctor Phaedra. May I/we approach?”

Elsie looked on. This was the first time she had the pleasure working with Doctor Vanth. She impressed with the doctor's tone. Elsie looked over to Phaedra to see how she was doing? And then she looked over to Cassidy, Batai and eventually over to Byron. She could tell that both Batai and Bryon were struggling. Both in their own unique way. But she did not have time to help either man out. They had a job to do.

Mreek nodded her head and said "You may approach and begin your scans. Any information I can try to provide about our physiology, I will be willing to share, however I admit I am not a healer."

Phaedra looked to Vanth, and stepped forward to begin some cursory scans, she was fascinated with the opportunity to learn about a new species, but also knew that they had to be respectful. They couldn't start treating the Tohree as a scientific curiosity, but had to learn as much as they could about them.

As the healers began scanning her, Mreek looked to the rest of the group and said "While the healers do whatever they are doing, do you three have any questions I can start answering about our culture or the crisis we are facing? I know I mentioned that some of us are going to be reluctant to your help, but I am willing to answer any questions you may have"

"What can you tell us, about the illness, that is infecting your people?" Asked Elsie, as she prepared her data pad to record his responses. She wanted to make sure she did not miss understand or miss any small clues. She was hoping Mreek would be able to shed some light on this illness.

Mreek thought for a moment, and said "It's a number of illnesses to be honest. Many beings have complained about the waters being stale, their wings being sore, and troubles laying their eggs. I am no healer to be honest, but I would say everything happened after the first ground shake, when our entire forest was essentially turned upside down."

It was a reasonable question and obviously, the most important for them to get started. Cassidy waited patiently for an answer and cast a glance at the rest of the team. Perhaps they were anxious and a bit impatient. Westphall couldn't blame them. However, she also knew if they were going to maintain the tenuous trust being built, they all couldn't be moving in different directions creating more anxiety and uncertainty in their new friends.

Byron looked around, feeling like an extra wheel. He wanted to hide in the runabout, and waited to be called upon. At least there he does not have to be the scrutinize eyes of the Tohree. He wanted things to go perfectly on the away mission, he looked to Ellie and then at Batai.

Batai sat quietly, watching his people do their work. He resisted the impulse to ask the first questions, wanting to observe, and let the others ask questions first. It wouldn't be proper for him to intrude, given Mreek's apparent connection with Elsie as the so called Nest-Mother.

"Captain, request permission to go to the runabout to prepare the supplies?" Asked Bryon, hoping the captain would allow him to leave. And prepare supplies for Phaedra and Vanth.

Elsie was a little surprised to hear that Bryon wanted to head back to the runabout, but then she thought about it. She figured he was bored, and had nothing to do at this moment.

Batai nodded and said "Permission granted Lieutenant." Looking to Phaedra, he said "Have you completed your initial scans Phaedra?" Receiving a nod, he looked to Mreek and said "With your permission Mreek, we'd like to get to work. Please lead the way to where the injured are being treated."

Mreek dipped her head in acknowledgement and replied "I will do as you request. However it will be a bit of a hike, I don't know how long by your measurements, but it will be a little while, perhaps twenty thousand wing beats if the winds are favorable."

Smiling, Batai said "We'll be ready Mreek. Give us a moment to get ready, then we'll follow you." Turning to the group, he said "Everyone pack up, medkits and whatever necessary supplies." Receiving nods all around, he made his way to the runabout to grab one of the backpacks and began confirming its contents.


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