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Quarantine Part 2

Posted on Sun Apr 8th, 2018 @ 2:29am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Phaedra & Lieutenant JG Doctor Bheria Vanth D.V.M., OB/Gyn & Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett

Mission: Cry In The Dark
Location: Sirona/USS Kubo
Timeline: Current

=/\=Sickbay, USS Kubo=/\=

Phaedra yawned slightly as she finished reading the information Elise had found in the ships records. She was intrigued, but also worried about what the records might mean. Looking to Elsie, she said quietly "I may have found something Elsie. The 'pretty place' the children referred to, and its flowers, are definitely the cause of the virus in some way. I can't explain it with 100% certainty, but these records show that the pollen in the flowers spread through the ship quickly, and likely caused the de-aging process to begin."

Elsie looked at the screen with Phaedra. She was watching as her dear friend started to show, what the crew of the Kubo, had already discovered. "We need to study these plants," she said looking on another screen and noticing they were on there a sample already in the science lab. It appeared the crew had started the process but ran out of time. "I am going to retrieve the sample."

Nodding, Phaedra continued to read the information on her screen, eager to get her hands on the sample

10 Minutes Later.

Elsie came back with the sample, sadly she was not a skilled botanist. But she started to read the data, "Does any of this make any sense to you?" Asked Elsie, the genetic make up of the sample seemed to be contradictory.

Shaking her head, she said "No, Elsie is doesn't. I'm not a botanist, but this flower doesn't look normal. That being said, it was found on the edge of the quadrant on an unexplored planet...." Trailing off, she read a bit more information, and said "Let me try a hunch ok?"

Clearing her throat she said "Computer, analyse the scans and records of the plant sample the Kubo discovered on their away mission. Compare it to any known flower species in Starfleet or Allied records." It took more than a few moments until the computer replied with static "Working, stand by." After another few minutes it replied "The plant sample has no known matches in the scientific databases specified."

Thinking, she replied "Extrapolate and compare common features in the sample with that of known species. Could the sample be a mutated species of a similar plant?" "Insufficient data to complete assessment." the computer applied after a moment. Sighing, she said "Hypothesise. Could this sample, though different than known species, and found on an unexplored planet, have undergone a mutation to its base norms?"

Waiting for the computer to reply, Phaedra looked to Elsie hopefully, and was about to speak when she heard "Hypothesis complete. The sample biologically could be considered similar to a number of plants on various worlds. In general it theoretically could be a mutated version of a plant similar to the Terellian Meliv flower."

Eslie remembered the name Terellian, she began to research the logs and discovered the Terellian Death Syndrome, which had a lot of similarities. She read in the cliff notes.

Memory Alpha Website: Terellian Death Syndrome was a deadly disease which caused irreversible cellular degradation. Its initial symptoms were somewhat similar to that of Urodelan flu.

Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome: the newly activated introns transformed the crewmembers into many different earlier lifeforms from their respective homeworlds.

"According to the Enterprise-D logs the there a similar de-evolution and they used amniotic fluid, to cure the effect, could that work for us?" Asked Elsie, being way over her heard. This was Vanth's and Phaedra's field of expertise. She knew the systems were not exact, but maybe the cure could work.

Nodding, Phaedra replied "Good work Elsie, that may be the lead we're looking for." Tapping her commbadge, she said "Phaedra to Vanth, we've found out some information about both the plant that may have caused the outbreak, and some similar experiences on the Enterprise-D. I am forwarding our findings and the relevant files from the Enterprise to you now."

Elsie was glad to see that Phaedra was getting back on track and working the problem. She felt a little guilty earlier for having to be stern. Now they were making progress.

=/\=Sickbay, USS Sirona=/\=

Vanth switched over from hir own research s/he was doing, to the incoming transmission. "Receiving your data transfer now, Ms Phaedra, thank you. I'll look into that. I'm a bit confused how exactly plants could be involved, their systems have vastly too many differences, but I will take a look at what you have."

Rolling her eyes slightly, Phaedra replied "Understood Doctor. The research the crew of the Kubo began before succumbing to the illness is compelling, especially given the fact that the planet the plant was discovered on was barely catalogued. It could have different types of flora and fauna that we are not familiar with. At any rate, its the best lead we've found."

"Computer, cross-reference incoming data from the 'Big E' with other known similar situations encountered." Vanth requested.

The computer chirped, "working."

After a moment the computer spoke up, the Oberth-class SS Stokowski encountered a virus that caused rapid ageing."

"Transfer the data to my monitor." After a chirp from the computer, Vanth activated the monitor near-by and began to read.

After the call ended with the good doctor, Elsie continued to shift through the data, it was a long shot but they did manage to find a possible cure. She hoped it was in time for them and the crew of the Kubo.

She looked over to see how Westphall was doing. She was still talking to the children and keep their spirits up. Now there was hope, a few moments ago their was a fools hope.

Elsie was personally grateful they found that lead, she did not want to die so young. After she made her visual inspection of the three person away team, she walked over to Alom. It was sad to see him laid out cold on the bio bed. "Hang in their Commander, I hope you can hear me." She said, checking his bio stats. They appeared to be normal.

Phaedra saw Elsie check up on Alom, and smiled sadly. She was happy that they had some sort of potential lead, but the fact that the Commander was out of commission didn't make things easier. Walking closer to Elsie, she said "I guess now we wait, and hope that Vanth and Captain Dhej can figure out our next steps. With the facilities here not being 100% its difficult to do a lot of meaningful research." Pausing, she added "I know it may sound weird, but are you starting to feel any different? Any sudden childish impulses starting to bubble to the surface?" She meant it as somewhat of a joke, but also a way to check up on her.

"I hate this part, we wait. We hope." She said, as she walked over and gave Phaedra a big hug, and let out a big sigh, she had been trying to be strong for them all. They had a moment to breathe, but only a small moment. After the hug, she straighten her uniform.

"Were going to get through, we will." She said as walked back over to her terminal, looking for more clues onto the virus that was slowing d-evolving them. She was trying to stay strong for them all.

A bit shocked by the hug, but appreciating it regardless, Phaedra smiled at Elsie and said "I know we will Elsie. I also know that going through this with you has and will bring us closer." Pausing, she blushed and added "I've never had a sister, but you may be a good candidate to be an honorary one."

"I would like that too, we will talk more about this after the mission." She said with a warm smile on her face, as she started to pour through the data again. Looking for more clues.

Elsie had a feeling things were going to be okay, she was not sure how. But somehow she knew she was going to be okay. She started to review the logs of the Kubo, she was looking for any other clues to how long they have before they d-evolve to small children. She was trying to map the transition time.

Elsie could not help but notice that Westphal was struggling and could use a little support. Elsie walked over and helped her with the small children. They played games, they were working on keeping the children entertain.

20 Minutes Later.

The children seemed to be more relaxed. She walked over to Phaedra. "The kids are getting restless and are very scared. I hope we can find a cure for this soon. I helped get them distract, but I think they are starting to d-evolve again." Said Eslie, wondering how Vanth was doing on the Sirona, and how Kubo.

Nodding, Phaedra replied "I think you're right Elsie, they are becoming a bit more child-like and don't seem to have as many periods of sudden lucidity. I hope they don't get worse too quickly, or we may never get them back." Nervously she began to pace, waiting for some information from Vanth that could give them another lead to follow.

"Lieutenant Barnett to Lieutenant Vanth, any updates its been twenty minutes, hate to be a pest, but we are on a time crunch." Said Elsie, hoping to get an update from the new Chief Medical Officer.

Vanth yawned and sighed. S/he took a deep breath before answering. -= / \ =-Sir, I hope you realize this things to work on a schedule. They'll happen when they happen. That being said, I think I've found something and I have a hypothesis. I'm working on a vaccine as we speak. I will need a way to test it though.-= / \ =-

S/he tapped hir commbadge again to switch over to the channel established with the USS Kubo. -= / \ =-Vanth to Away Team.-= / \ =-

-= / \ =-I have a hypothesis and a potential vaccine that may work, have you been able to establish weather or not this thing has gone airborne?-= / \ =-

"That's great news, a lot of worried souls over here on the Kubo." Said Elsie, who had a little smile on her face, as she looked over to Phaedra. It appeared they were going to make it through. She walked over to Phaedra, with a big grin on her face.

Smiling back at Elsie, she replied "Yes Doctor Vanth, that is how the virus apparently spread. If you are able to beam a sample of the vaccine directly to Sickbay here, we can test it out, then replicate it, and release it through the ventilation system."

Vanth muttered something to hirself and then responded. -= / \ =-It would really make it easier if I could receive a sample of the virus. I could setup a localized stasis field and send you the coordinates for you to send me a sample.-= / \ =-

"There is a reason we are quarantine Doctor Vanth, bringing a sample to the Sirona is a bit risky, and I am not authorized to make that call, but I would strongly suggest against that. Doctor Phaedra is a capable doctor. We can test your sample here." Said Elsie, not really liking the idea of beaming over a sample of the virus.

"I am going to recommend to the captain Doctor Phaedra's plan of beaming the vaccine so we can distribute it to the crew as soon as possible." Said Elsie, as she tapped on her commbadge.

=A= Barnett to Captain Dhej=A=

"Captain I have Doctor Vanth and Doctor Phaedra on the line. We have a potential cure, thanks to Doctor Vanth. Doctor Phaedra and myself are wanting him to beam over the sample, so we can create a vaccine here and send it in the air ventilation. However Doctor Vanth wants to beam a sample of the virus to the Sirona. I believe he wants to create the vaccine in a controlled environment. We are all deeply concerned for the safety of the crew, they are showing signs of d-evolving again."

Vanth knew that Doctor Phaedra and Ms Barnett had not met hir yet, nor had they done any visual communication yet, so s/he bit hir tongue about Barnett's inaccurate pronoun usage. "I only just informed them of a possible vaccine, it's a little too premature to call it a cure. I certainly can send it right over just keep in mind it might not work."

Vanth spoke more directly to hir new captain, "sir, if we can't get a sample of the virus over here, is there a possibility of setting up a visual link to the Kubo?"

=/\=Bridge, USS Sirona=/\=

Batai sighed as he heard both officers present their opinions. While encouraged by the hope of a cure, that would not only help the crew of the Kubo, but his own officers, he knew he had to tread carefully. Clearing his throat he replied "Both of you present compelling arguments. Having a sample of the virus to study before releasing it to the Kubo would be beneficial, as would having the away team test it on an affected person, then release it. You have left me with a difficult decision."

Standing, he began pacing in front of his command chair "Forgive me in advance if what I am about to say is too blunt. The time for delicacy is gone, and we have to make some hard decisions. I've been reading the reports of the away team, and they show the crew is getting younger. We need to act now."

Pausing, he continued after composing himself "I am not willing to risk the lives of the crew of the Sirona, to beam a sample over to our Sickbay. Even with stasis fields, it is too much of a risk. If a cure can't be found, and the crew continues to succumb to the virus, I am duty bound to supply the away team with whatever resources I can to survive, and declare the mission a loss. The findings of everyone will be forwarded to Starfleet Command to explore sending a specialized scientific vessel to continue our work."

Standing straighter, he added "Lieutenant Barnett, Doctor Vanth, I am officially ordering that samples of the possible vaccine be sent to the Sickbay of the Kubo for live testing, and that a visual link be established to assist with possible treatment. I will take responsibility for any consequences of this decision. Understood? Any questions?"

"Understood Captain, we stand ready to receive the sample Doctor Vanth." Said Elsie, knowing if this fails it would be mostly their death. She waited impatiently for the sample to arrive. She would never admit it, but she was scared for herself and for the crew and away team staff on the USS Kubo.

While the others were talking Vanth wanted to be proactive. S/he had already been getting a sample of the vaccine ready for transport. S/he just needed to finish one last thiinng, and... "Ready for transport." S/he went over to the cotrols. "Locking on, and..." The sample disappeared into think air. "You should have the vile now Ms Barnette."

"Thank you Doctor," Elsie said as she handed the vile to Phaedra. "Let's hope for the best." She suggested to Phaedra. She started to think about the little things in life, the things she had done, the things she still wanted to accomplish. Some how the sum of her life's work did not add up, if she survived this, she would have to work on that.

Taking the offered vial, Phaedra quickly ran it through a series of tests on the console in front of her, making sure everything made sense. Even though she knew Vanth had done a good job on the vaccine, she had to double check everything before she administered. Around 10 minutes later, she said to Elsie "The vaccine appears to be viable, and I'd like to try it on the child who appears to be the ship's captain first. I can convert part of it to a hypospray, but I may need some advice how to approach her about the test. Any suggestions?"

"Kids are resilient and can handle more stresses than we can," said thinking about the best way to approach the captain. "I suggest a direct approach. Let's explain to the captain in terms she can understand we have medicine that can help her get better." Said Elsie as she looked to Phaedra.

Meanwhile Vanth began to receive the video link to the Kubo's sickbay. While Phaedra scrutinized hir work, Vanth finally got to take a good look at the virus. S/he thought something about it looked vaguely familiar. Maybe that was why it hardly took any time to find a solution. S/he took a small point of pride in seeing it affected under the transmission of the microscope display.

Phaedra quickly contacted Vanth and said "The vaccine looks viable Doctor Vanth. We will begin live trials with an afflicted crewmember. Standby. Phaedra out."

Elsie walked over to the young looking girl. She reached out to the young lady that Ensign Cassidy Westphall was working with. "Hello Helena Nelson, do remember me, I'm Elsie Barnett, we brought you here from the bridge?" She asked with a smile on her face, her smile was trying to re assure Helena Nelson things were going to be okay.

Helena looked up from the book Westphall had provided her and said quietly "I remember you two. You were the nice ladies who told me you were going to help the ship not shake so much right? I like you people, you seem nice."

"Thank you, and your a being very brave." Elsie said as she started to think about how best to address what needed to happen next. She leaned in close to Helena and smiled.

"My friend Doctor Phaedra, wants to give you some medicine to make you feel better, okay?" She asked trying to project calmness and happy thoughts. Elsie was not use to be around small kids, and was really impressed on how well she was interacting with Helena Nelson.

Helena nodded slowly and said "I don't like hyposprays very much, but if it's going to help me not feel as icky I'll do it" Shrugging off the oversized jacket, she held out her arm and added "Just make it quick please Doctor Phaedra, I don't want to be sick anymore."

Phaedra smiled, and moved closer to Helena. Pressing the hypo to the child's arm, she held it until the full dose was given, then stepped back. Moments later, the girl's eyes rolled in her head, and she slumped on the biobed. Alarmed, Phaedra almost ran to help her, but Helena's body slowly began to change, her features growing slowly older, and her body starting to lengthen.

After about an hour of slow changes, recorded and monitored by Phaedra, the form of a 35 year old woman lay on the biobed. She still hadn't woken up, but scans showed that biologically she was back to being Captain Helena Nelson, though five years younger than her normal 40 year old age.

A few moments later, Helena's eyes opened and she looked around scared. Quietly, she looked to the officers and said "What happened? I don't remember much after our initial research into the virus, and now I wake up in Sickbay? Who are you and what has happened to my ship?"

"It worked," Elsie said with a big grin. She looked at Helena and said. "Glad to see you back on your feet Captain. I am Lieutenant Elsie Barnett, of the Sirona, we responded to your mayday call. The Kubo is mostly intact, she is salvageable, but will need to restore your crew to get her operational again. Doctor Phaedra along with our doctor on our ship have been working on a way to reverse the virus that affected you and your crew," she said as she pointed to the crew of children. They were scared and talking to Cassidy Westphall.

Nelson smiled slightly, and replied tiredly "I don't know even know where to start Lieutenant, Doctor Phaedra, you've saved us, and I'm speechless. Before you try to heal the rest of the crew, and likely yourselves, can you tell me if the vaccine has had any changes to my health or body? I want to be prepared for anything that may come my way from my people."

Phaedra, who had been standing to the side scanning Nelson while the two women spoke replied "Not that my scans who Captain. The only side affect that I can see is its lowered your biological age by five years, you are now biologically thirty-five, instead of your chronological fifty."

Nelson smiled and said "Thank goodness for that, shaving a few years off isn't a bad trade off. I suppose we should get to trying it out on the crew correct?" Coughing slightly, knowing her voice was going come back soon, she turned to Barnett and said "Can you warn my crew, I mean the children about what's going to happen? I'm not sure my voice is up to speaking too much more."

"I will do what I can Captain." Elsie said as she walked over to Cassidy and the children gathered up in sickbay. "Hey guys, can you come here please." Motioned Elsie with her hands, watching the kids gather around. Cassidy and help corral the children towards Elsie. Standing behind Elsie was Phaedra and Captain Nelson.

The kids were right infront of Elsie, she beant down to one knee to make eye contact with the children. "You are the bravest children I have ever met. We are all sick, and Doctor Phaedra has medicine that will make us better." started off Elsie as she continued on, touching the shoulder of a little girl. "We will go sleep and wake up feeling better," she said as she touched another child shoulder. "I need you to brave a little longer, we will all take some medicine and get a little nap. When we wake up we will all feel better." Said Elsie, as she motioned for Phaedra to step forward.

The children started to nod their head in agreement, a couple of the children were a little rowdy. Elsie smiled, "Who wants to go first?" She asked knowing the two rowdy kids were the first to volunteer, she was grateful for that. The kids crowded near them to see how they were going to react. They took the shot and went to sleep. "See kids, its painless, they will wake up soon, alright guys lets get better." Said Elsie as the kids lined up.

"Captain, were the last two, I suggest have you inject us, you put this in the air ventilation system just to be on the safe side, I will see you after I wake up." Said Elsie, as she held her hand out, waiting to take the injection. Phaedra handed the hyprospay over to the Captain.

Taking the offered hypospray, Nelson injected the two women, and then released the vaccine through the ventilation system. She sat back on one of the biobeds keeping an eye on the readings from a medical tricorder while the vaccine did its work. After a little over and hour, she helped the women back to their feet.

Smiling she said "From what I can see, and observed during the downtime, all traces of the virus have been removed from the ship, and the crew have recovered. Words don't express how thankful I am for you help. After I speak to my crew I will arrange for both of you, along with Commander Alom and the remains of your Lieutenant Hawthorne, to be returned to your ship."

Moving to a nearby panel, she tapped it and said "Nelson to all hands. I know you are likely very confused, and worried about what's happened to us, and the state of the ship. We will have a full debrief soon, but for now, I need everyone to get to work on basic repairs, restoring main power, and bringing the warp drive back online. All department heads, I want status reports as soon as possible." Closing the channel, she turned back to the women and said "Ok, that's done. Let's get you and your people home."

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