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First Steps

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The USS Sirona is currently docked at Providence Station awaiting launch and the crew is coming aboard and getting to know each other. It suddenly was thrust into its first mission, providing medical relief at the site of the Xaiver Fleet Yards. The Yards had experienced an attack that saw thousands dead, and even more wounded.

After a time, the crew discovers the identity of the attackers not to be what they seem, the Klingong, but a new threat. The mysterious group refers to themselves as The Shadow and attacked the yards to destabilize relations between the Federation and Klingon Empire. After a brief interaction, their automated ship explodes, and they vanish.

Currents of Change

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This mission finds the Sirona assisting the people of the planet Neua, home to the Neeru, an aquatic species. The planet is also home to an underwater research facility that is a joint Federation/Neeru project. The facility is slowly breaking down, so the Sirona is tasked with providing medical assistance to the wounded, and working with the Neeru to try to stop the facility from being destroyed.

Cry In The Dark

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The Sirona responds to a garbled distress call from a Starfleet ship and rushes to investigate.