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Staff Warrant Officer Jin Bolin

Name Jin Quan Bolin

Position Yeoman

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Napean
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm | 5'5''
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Jin has the general appearance of his species, Napeans are a empathic species from the Alpha. Their physical appearance is similar to most humanoids with the exception of their distinctive large, leaf-shaped crescent forehead ridges. Jin has dark hair and dark eyes with olive toned skin.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Some say that the line between reality and fantasy is well defined whereas others believe that line is thinner than we dare to dream. It is well known that obsession with the fantastical may lead those solely dedicated to the abstract, astray, sending them into a mental break or even psychosis. Jin Bolin, however, is quite fortunate to have found solid grounding in the known sciences and yet possess a mind so opened with fluidity and elasticity that he can dare to dream of the fantastical without loosing himself entirely.

With a solid career well rooted in studying the known realm of sciences, Jin Bolin has since begun to study more broadly into the lesser explored world of theoretical sciences. In the 21st century and even later, much of what he fancies would have been considered pseudo science and though many still live, seeking to discredit his work and his beliefs, the young Mr. Bolin is not deterred by his critics nor colleagues and rightfully so as many of the sciences in the 24th century would have been downright implausible sometime ago. All he is doing is simply looking forward at the sciences of today and seeking to reach into the sciences of tomorrow.

A vigorous intellect with a keen eye for detail and a passion for a greater tomorrow, Jin Bolin is seriously devoted to Science and the progression of humanity and the advancements of civilizations for the greater good. His logic and reasoning skills are a force to be reckoned with, but he does welcome criticism openly, and is always up for a good debate. In this manner, Jin has a very cool head and does not let intellectual confrontation bother him. Where he suffers his greatest downfall is during times when impulsiveness and taken quick action is what is absolutely necessary. It is very difficult for him to take the leap from theoretical to factual without significant times and resources. He will not willingly make a formal conclusion to his hypothesis nor wager a guess without provocation from a higher force or authoritative power.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

▪ Abstracted Thinker – Jin has a very open and expansive mind which has allowed him to see the galaxy and even the universe to a greater extent as a machine, and like all machines, it is comprised of hundreds and dozens of parts. Though he may not hold the answers to life or the universe, that does not stop him from finding and deciphering it part by part.

▪ Honesty & Straight Forwardness – If there is anyone that you want in your circle of closest friends of advisement committee, it is very well likely Jin Bolin as he hardly can tell a lie or speak a non-truth. Even if something knowingly will prove his theories or beliefs wrong, Jin will embrace the truth at whatever the cost, and he will not lie to anyone even if it is to just make them feel better. He is going to tell you the cold, honest, and blunt truth no matter what and will expect you to do the same.


▪ Second-Guessing – Because he is so open minded and always entertaining new thoughts and theories, processing and even integrating new data or alternative perspectives, Jin can sometimes start second guessing himself or his findings. This may lead to him abandoning his work or sometimes switching sides of an argument when he finds more credibility in the opposing direction than he previously had been siding with or working towards.

▪ Insensitive – Despite being partially empathic and perhaps even due to being so bluntly honest, Jin can sometimes be insensitive to the feelings of others. It is best for people to learn quickly that when you as 'What do you Think, Jin?,' that they are honestly 100% going to get what he really thinks about something. If that is not what they want to hear, then they should ask someone who will sugar coat or white lie to them just to make them feel better.

Personal History Born on the Napean homeworld of Napea, a rugid class-M world with snow capped mountains and a concentrated pockets of civilization, Jin was born into a rather well respected family. His father was an Astro Scientist and his mother, a Physician from a long line of medicine women. He learned even from the earliest years of his life about duty and responsibility. Napea was an Alpha Quadrant world caught in a turbulent region of space heavily trafficked by Ferengi merchant vessels, but also frequented by the Breen and the Lagashi.

Though the Lagashi made several attempts of the years to form an alliance with the Napean people, the Napeans would not ally themselves with the Lagashi who were in an ongoing struggle with the Breen. On more than one occasion, the Lagashi had attempted to 'peacefully' conquer the Napeans. This did not go in the Lagashi's favor and ultimately soured the relations that the Napeans did have with them.

The Napeans made first contact with the United Federation of Planets in the mid to late 2350s around the same time that the Federation had first contact with the Lagashi. Though they both would eventually become members of the United Federation of Planets, the Napeans were admitted before the Lagashi due to their more peaceful nature and stabilized form of Government. It would not be until several years later in 2370, that the Lagashi Republic becomes a full member within the Federation.

While both members of the Federation, the Lagahsi and Napeans started to open more public relations with one another and began a long process of mending the fences that had divided them for centuries. After graduating from secondary school with well enough academic standing and support from his parents, Jin Bolin was sent to the Napea Technical Institute, a two year higher education institute where he studied the basics of Environmental Studies, Geo Sciences, and some Probability Mechanics. It gave him a starting grasp on things and readied him for the work force, but The Federation has other plans for the young man.

He could have easily taken the entrance examinations for Starfleet Academy and with prior credits having been transferred, Jin could have started as a third year cadet. However, he passed up the opportunity. Enlistment would have gotten him in immediately with his two year degree/certification allowing him to skip a few ranks on his way in. Again, he passed up the opportunity. Where Starfleet recruiters failed, The United Federation of Planets succeeded when instead of offering the young an a commissioned rank with Starfleet, they presented him with a warrant instead. This meant they acknowledged him as a technical expert.

The Starfleet Warrant was supported by the United Federation of Planets' Department of Defense and signed into action with approval from the President of the United Federation of Planets in 2388. Jin-Quan Bolin of Napea was officially a Staff Warrant Officer of Starfleet. His first assignment was slated to be the USS Sirona, NCC-73891.

Service Record ▪ 2388 - Present: USS Sirona; Staff Warrant Officer