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Lieutenant JG Elsie Barnett

Name Elsie Amber Barnett

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Elsie is a slender woman, who recently started to go to the gym to stay in shape, a lot of people tell her she is very skinny and fit, but she knows the older she gets the more her metabolism will slow down. Image means everything to her.

She has short brown hair with green eyes, she is light skinned with no scars, no freckles or visible birthmarks.

Her only complaint, is her butt is to flat, but on the same note she is happy it is, because its a good sign, she is not putting on weight. However she does desire to put on a few pounds to have the curves in the right places.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Harrold Barnett
Mother Susan Gillman-Barnett
Brother(s) Eric Mathew Barnett
Cody Michael Barnett
Sister(s) N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elsie is very energetic and has a bubbly personality, has a very free minded and open spirit. She is a natural born speaker and feels like she was born to serve as a diplomatic officer. She was born and raised around Starfleet. She was born on the USS Nightshade.

She loves social interactions, she loves to study other cultures, and loves to act as a liaison between the diplomatic corps and starfleet. She started her career as a diplomatic officer in 2385 on Vulcan with a backup degree in operations. By 2388 she was promoted to Chief Diplomatic Officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength:

Strong willed woman with a loving heart. She is able to speak her mind and get others to listen to her ideas, she is great at multi-tasking while deescalating hostile situations. She gets both sides to compromise and meet in the middle.

Elsie is a great listener, and is she to reflect a calm presence, and adapt to almost any situation, thanks to her training on Vulcan. Out of the academy her first assignment was on Vulcan, where she learned patience, and the virtues of common sense.

Her strong willed nature allows her to hold her position in negotiations, like any good diplomat, she knows how to read the body impressions, and the selective choice of words people tend to use, when trying to negotiate, she has an incredible memory and focus on the minor things, she has a real knack for attention to detail.


She loves to talk, sometimes a little much, not typically about herself, just the work she is into with her fellow crew members. One of her main focuses is to get people to open up, so she get them to talk, first about minor things, then flip the switch on them.

Typically afterword’s she feels like she has to keep the facade up and continues to talk to personal, not because she likes them, but out of a sense of duty. A trait she learned while on Vulcan, a trait, she hopes she can unlearn.

She does not react well around small children, the idea of having a child frightens her. In her job is often placed with small children, because a lot of the hosts tend to think, because how young she looks, she must be starting a family of her own.

She has a natural fear of heights, even in a holodeck, she does not like the idea of being in high places, she does okay on a starship or a small craft, but not like to sit by windows, where she can see the ground coming up on her.
Ambitions -----------------------------------------
When Elsie boarded the USS Sirona her only goal was to meet as many new races as she could, to and charter them into the Federation. This goal seemed a little unattainable. Her first goal was way to easy to achieve. She wanted to become a Diplomatic Officer, and now that she has reached that goal, she feels like she needs more of a challenge. She recently discovered she likes the idea of being in command.

Elsie knows she is still young, but she has considered taking the first officer exam, but she is not sure if she ready and even if she fails, she knows she still has time to achieve this goal. Her brother Eric at the age of 33 is the first officer of the USS Santiago, a little part of her wants to try to become a first officer by her 30th birthday. In order to achieve this goal she asked Captain Batai Dhej, if she could take the first officer exam.
Hobbies & Interests Elsie does not want to be competitive with her hobbies and interests, because she finds her work in the diplomatic field to be a very competitive, almost like cutthroat game. She enjoys playing sports for fun. Typically she does not keep score, and does not play with others that do, a lot of the time she will play with holographic characters and programs them not to be competitive.

Elsie loves to play racquetball, volleyball, soccer, chess, and most 21st century board games with her favorite being “Sorry” the board game. She is not very competitive, she loves to play the game, and learn from the game. She is more interested in learning all she can about the game.

Elsie loves to go camping and pitching up a tent as long as she has basic essentials, sleeping padd, tent, and other tools to enjoy her experience. She has not gone camping in eight years and really regrets the missed opportunities from it. She is hoping to talk to Captain Batai Dhej, about the next planet that is uninhabited, and they have some down time, if she can pitch a tent and camp.

Personal History Elsie grew up with two older brothers, a mother and a father. The siblings were from the planet Earth but spent the past 5 years of her life on Tera Nova, a human colony that is part of the federation.

Her parents were from Tera Nova, and decided to move back home after retiring from Starfleet. Initially she was born on the USS Nightshade in 2360. At the time Susan was the Chief Diplomatic Officer.

Elsie was mainly raised by her mother on Andor, a very cold and ice planet from 2363 through 2373. When she was 13 she requested to live with her father on the USS Nightshade, from 2373-2376.

After 45 years of service, her parents from Starfleet. They settled on Tera Nova and from 2376 – 2381, she lived on Tera Nova. Elsie's two older brothers are both in Starfleet. Eric at the age of 30 is a Lieutenant Commander and Chief of Security aboard the USS Windhaven, and her brother Cody 33 is the Executive Officer of the USS Santiago.

There is a five year age difference from Elsie and Cody. She was never really close to him or Eric. Both of them treated her like a baby, a but she did her best to keep in contact with them, growing up she felt that she had to be on her best behavior if she wanted her siblings attention. She felt that the boys took part of her childhood away from her. It was not till she was 13 years old, did she really find herself.

From 2373 to 2376, Elsie was able to establish her own way, she discovered she loved meeting new races like her mother, but did not want to live on an ice planet. She preferred to live on a starship or a nice warm planet.

Elsie is only 25 years old. She went to Starfleet Academy at the age of 18 in 2381, she graduated at the age of 22 in 2385, where she spent the next two years on Vulcan as Diplomat's Aid from 2385 through 2387. She worked her way to Diplomatic Envoy, before being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2386.

She served at Starbase 321 as a Diplomatic Officer under Lieutenant Commander Ferra, a well versed Caiitian in Starfleet Diplomacy. She learned a lot from Ferra and was able to work her way up to Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer. She had spent most of 2387 learning what it will take to be a Chief Diplomatic Officer.

Elsie was offered the role as Chief Diplomatic Officer of the USS Sirona in 2388. She accepted the offer and had to say goodbye to her mentor and her friend Ferra. Elsie quickly made friends with the Assistant Chief Medical Officer on the USS Sirona, part of her was trying to fill a void with accepting the transfer.

Relationship with Phaedra

Elsie instantly started a friendship with Phaedra, the two of them work closely together during the incident on the USS Kubo. This incident sparked a friendship that Elsie needed.

At first she felt a lone and isolated and extremely confused. One minute she is was on her way to the USS Sirona and the next she was waking up on a strange alien facility, with her new Captain and crew asking if she was okay.

Not feeling well, and being completely confused she reached out to sickbay, and Phaedra helped her transition and explained what had happen.

The two were later selected to investigate the USS Kubo, and discovered they were infected by some sort of bio weapon that was reverting there cells. With the help of the USS Sirona’s Chief Medical Officer and Phaedra, they found a cure in time.
Service Record 2388:
- Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS SIRONA
-Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer, STARBASE 321

-Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer, STARBASE 321
- Diplomatic Officer, STARBASE 321

- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
- Vulcan, Diplomatic Envoy

- Vulcan, Diplomatic Aid

2384 - 2385
- 4rth Year Starfleet Cadet
- Major studies: Starfleet Diplomacy
- Minor studies: Operations

2383 - 2384
- 3rd Year Starfleet Cadet
- Major studies: Starfleet Diplomacy
- Minor studies: Operations

2382 - 2383
- 2nd Year Starfleet Cadet
- Major studies: Starfleet Diplomacy
- Minor studies: Operations

2381 - 2382
- 1st Year Starfleet Cadet
- Major studies: Starfleet Diplomacy
- Minor studies: Operations