Lieutenant JG Amaan Ragez

Name Amaan Ragez

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4" (194 cm)
Weight 260 lb (118 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Amaan Ragez is a large, physically imposing individual. He has been described by some as being "built like a shuttlecraft". He is a good 6 inches (15 cm) taller than the average Human, and has a muscular and solid build to match. Amaan has jet black hair, typically worn in a conservative and easily managed style. He has several small scars on his face from altercations in his pre-Starfleet life; the most prominent is approximately an inch (2.5 cm) long and is just under his lower lip. Amaan has the emerald green skin typical of his species.


Father Identity unknown; it is only known that he was full-blooded Orion
Mother Jaea Ragez
Other Family Amaan has some of his mother's family left on the Orion homeworld, but he has eschewed contact with them at his Mother's request.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amaan Ragez is something of a difficult nut to crack. He takes his Security and Tactical responsibilities very seriously, but he also wants his crewmates to see him as a friend and confidant. He is trying to create a reasonable balance between hard-ass and best buddy, but often comes across as a sort of protective big brother. When off duty, Amaan is talkative and sociable; he keep up with current events closely so that he will always have something to talk about.
Strengths & Weaknesses Despite his size, Amaan is very agile and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. He is often able to either defuse a situation without firing a single shot and with minimal injuries to his security personnel. He also has a good head for weapons technology and is considered something of an authority on the operations and mechanics of photon and quantum torpedo weapons.

On the flip side, Amaan will sometimes take personal risks to defuse situations that some may consider unnecessary. He would rather risk his own safety than that of his staff or a fellow crew member. He is also know for daring, almost dangerous tactical maneuvers and has been taken to task by commanding officers several times because of that.
Ambitions For now, Amaan is content to be a good Security and Tactical chief. In the future, he would like to perhaps be an XO.
Hobbies & Interests Amaan has a flair for -- and thus has made extensive studies of -- torpedo weapons from several dozen different species. He knows what makes them tick, and he has devoted a considerable amount of his free time to devising defensive and offensive strategies involving torpedo weapons.

Amaan is an avid eater; he considers eating to be a very pleasurable experience, one that should involve as many of the senses as possible. He has begun to try his hand at preparing food himself, and has met with some success. All he needs is more practice. Amaan also enjoys holonovels, mysteries in particular.

Personal History Jaea Ragez knew nothing but sorrow in her life until the birth of her son. Her own family sold her into slavery at age thirteen to pay off loans from a business deal that went sour. The teenaged girl was taken to a trading settlement on the remote planet Druwinda II; there, she served her master's whims as well as those of his diverse clientele as a dancer and a comfort woman. When Jaea was seventeen, she was impregnated. Her master granted leave to give birth; just a week Later, she returned to her duties. Just over a year later, the Druwinda system was ceded to the Federation via treaty and Jaea and her son were taken to Alpha Centauri to be processed as refugees. Eventually she found a stable source of income and the two moved into a small apartment.

For his entire life, Amaan heard from his mother how cruel people could be and how unforgiving the real world was. Despite these stories, Amaan tried to nurture a positive outlook. He began studying at the Federation School at age six. He was not unpopular with his fellow students; he was considered to be an "acquired taste", and he was generally treated with respect because of his size. Although he did very well in school, Amaan was eager to get out on his own and see some of the galaxy before settling into a career. He left Alpha Centauri at age seventeen, just days after graduating, and took a position as a weapons officer trainee on board the independent freighter SS Lacoön. Amaan quickly proved his worth and began serving as a regular member of the crew. In three years, he was senior weapons officer. After amassing a significant amount of credits in his savings, Amaan left the Lacoön after five years when his application to Starfleet was accepted.

Amaan thrived in the multicultural environment at Starfleet Academy. He soon had a wide circle of friends from a variety of species and genders. Amaan maintained a high academic standard while at the Academy and graduated seventh in his class, majoring in Security/Tactical. Once he received his commission, Amaan was assigned as a Security Officer to the USS Palatine at age twenty six. Although most new graduates were about five years younger than the Orion, he had the benefit of his experiences on the Lacoön and soon began to rise through the ranks. After seven months he was a team leader, and five months after that he was promoted to alpha shift. He served as the alpha shift relief tactical officer, as well as being assigned to the security detail that accompanied the Captain on away missions. After serving in that capacity for a year, Amaan was transferred to the USS Toledo as assistant department chief. Two years into that assignment, the chief was killed in a fire fight and Amaan was named as her replacement. He served as chief on that vessel for five years before being transferred to the Sirona.
Service Record 4 years: Starfleet Academy, Security & Tactical course
1 year: staff security officer, USS Palatine
1 year: alpha shift relief tactical officer, Captain's security detail
2 years: assistant chief of security & tactical, USS Toledo
5 years: chief of security & tactical, USS Toledo