Lieutenant Vak Tragg

Name Vak Tragg

Position Acting Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Crimson-Amber
Physical Description Like most Bolian males, stocky is a good way to define Vak Tragg. He's got broad shoulders, a bit of a belly and a round face. His expression seems relatively warm and friendly. His eyes have a piercing gaze, as if they are burning through whatever he looks at.

He walks quickly and with a rather unique gait. His skin is a bright blue, uniform in color and without the blue bands some Bolians have.

His voice is relatively high pitched and can go up an octave when he's angry or upset. Many people would not think of him as intimidating at first glance. But there is a fire inside of him, sometimes which his piercing gaze could portray.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Bax Tragg
Mother Qoba Tragg
Brother(s) Amlix Tragg
Sister(s) Bitorn Tragg
Hiaxea Tragg
Other Family Korle Baxx - Aunt
Halcom Qolo - Uncle
Darsek Nop - Cousin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vak is a typical Bolian. He always has advice, even in fields he's not an expert in. He doesn't mean to be picky, but he can't help it. Like most Bolians, he is extremely meticulous. He appreciates when everything runs like clockwork.

Tragg wants to be the best officer he can be. He expects a lot from his crew, but expects even more of himself. If he feels he's let down the people under his command, it'll bring on heavy feelings of disappointment and sadness. These are feelings he wants to avoid. So he is constantly training, constantly reading and always trying to improve his relationship with the crew.

Tragg has a good sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh. He puts on a stoic front sometimes, for the sake of military bearing. But he's not hesitant to laugh or smile.

Another Bolian trait Vak Tragg shares is his spirit of teamwork. He understands the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few. He does best working with others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Vak's Bolian nature is both a blessing and a curse. He's a true workaholic. He places the team first. He believes he doesn't have an ego. But his meticulous nature can rub some people the wrong way.

Some might think he's snobby or arrogant, especially if they don't understand Bolian nature. He means well, but can come off as terse or stubborn. He's learned to be better at accepting others viewpoints.

Some people might just think he's flat out annoying. If something is out of place, he'll say something about it. He's actually patient and understanding, even if he might come off the wrong way.

He's learned to be a bit more patient and less judgmental during his time in Starfleet.
Ambitions Tragg wants to be the best officer he can be. He takes his role in the ship quite seriously. He wants to be there for the crew. Tragg won't rest at night if he feels like he hasn't done his best. He wants to establish a good working relationship with the crew.

He also knows he's representing all Bolians. It's a big part of what drives his meticulous nature. He's focused on the ship. Part of him wishes he wasn't so deep into his work. He'd love to find a friend, maybe more.

Relationships can be hard for him. It's not easy for him to be satisfied emotionally. His picky nature gets in the way. He'd still like to start a family some day.

Tragg has goals for the future. He wants to command a ship. Everything he does is in preparation for the day he sits in a Captain's chair. The thought lights his drive.
Hobbies & Interests Tragg's biggest interest is the ancient Bolian ritual of the Adel'iin. It's an underwater wrestling form of combat that is tied to ancient mating rituals. Two males would grapple underwater, each trying to drown the other while surfacing to take a breath. The loser would go limp and submit.

The winner would advance to a match with the female. If the male defeated her, the female would submit and the relationship would be consummated.

Tragg uses it as a form of martial arts. Nowadays, the Adel'iin is not always tied to mating, but is often for sport.

Vak is also interested in alien cultures. He's interested in all the different races and their attributes. Learning about different cultures is quite interesting for the Bolian. He's fascinated with everything from ancient archeology to language and customs.

Personal History Tragg grew up on Bolarus IX. His family is relatively small by Bolian standards, but they are quite close. Vak is the oldest of his siblings. He had the responsibility of setting an example for his brothers and sisters, some of whom were much younger than him.

His childhood was full of sport and academic studies. The sciences didn't appeal to him as much as it did to other Bolians. He enjoyed history, but was an even bigger fan of technology. Large interstellar ships appealed to his imagination.

He started his adult life flying shuttles from a land-based shuttleport. He was quite an efficient pilot, known for his timely deliveries. He learned a little about basic maintenance, keeping his older shuttle in top shape.

But Vak knew there was more to life than flying shuttles within the Bolian system. He heard the call of the Federation in his mid-twenties.

His start at the Academy was a bit rocky. He had a bad habit of criticizing his professors, some of which he thought of as untidy. But as his advice was ignored, time and time again, he began to focus less on their shortcomings and more on his own work.

After the second and third years, his academic performance took off. There were even a few professors who put notes in his file stating he was "promising" and had "leadership potential".

It was the first of a long line of compliments. The Bolian continued to make impressions on his commanders. As he gained experience, his habit of giving advice began to return.

He started as a security officer working in the brig. It was a tough job for a Bolian, but Tragg made due. It made him stronger. The techniques he learned in the Adel'iin came in handy here, as he would have to grapple with tough people sometimes.

He found his way out of the brig job and his career took off from there.
Service Record 2371-2373 - Brig Officer, USS Hiryu
2373-2374 - Security Officer, USS Hiryu
2374-2377 - Tactical Officer, USS Hiryu
2377-2380 - Asst. Chief Security/Tactical, USS York
2380-2382 - Asst. Chief Security/Tactical, USS Columbia
2382-2385 - Chief Security/Tactical, USS Columbia
2385-2386 - Chief of Security, Hawkeye Island
2386-2387 - Advanced Command Acadmy Course
2387-2388 - Chief Security/Tactical, Second Officer, USS Intrepid