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Lieutenant JG Caius Khloris

Name Caius Khloris Ph.D.

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vigiridan
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 3'6" / 107cm
Weight 70 lbs / 32kg
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green (cybernetic)
Physical Description The short creature has a dis-proportionally large head for his tiny body; a narrow and diminutive torso with long limbs and long four-fingered hands (three fingers, one thumb) are something you would expect on an arboreal species. Hairless, his smooth green skin is not atypical for amphibian-like lifeforms; his natural born eyes replaced long ago with sparkling almost gem-like cybernetic eyes of almost twice the size of human ocular organs. He has three rows of upper and lower teeth; uniform in shape, each is a tiny little triangle that tapers into a very sharp tip, not unlike predatory fish. His odd body plan points to the strange combination; the body of a lower evolved arboreal animal coupled with a massive head, as if almost transplanted, from a sentient species. With an unusual form, and totally telepathically null, the longer you look, the stranger he gets.

On a fairly regular basis, he wears a specially tailored low-profile assembly of technology on his lower legs; almost like technologically sophisticated boots. There is a bottom plate attached via collapsed extension rods and all mounted on a system of servos and hinges. They are essentially servo-extendable stilts, allowing him to reach the consoles he works at (and reach many other things ergonomically designed for human-size species). The assembly is slim, low profile and very well fit but still produces an ever so slight *klink* with each step (from the ankle hinge-joint), almost like miniature space cowboy spurs. Wearing them is not just convenient but are also stipulated as being mandatory by Starfleet as he does not technically qualify to use a lot of Starfleet mounted technology without them (the same way sight-impaired officers might be required to wear visors).


Father Unknown (mass spawning pool)
Mother Unknown (mass spawning pool)
Brother(s) Hundreds (mass spawning pool)
Sister(s) Hundreds (mass spawning pool)
Other Family Thousands (generations of mass spawning pools)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Most species have a child phase where their brains absorb vast amounts of information but then solidify in an adult phase. His species exhibits almost child-like brain plasticity even in adulthood. He is always constantly learning in an almost child-like way. He is intelligent and creative but also curious and inventive.

While pleasant enough to work with, he is a very utilitarian individual who practices a very task-oriented way of living. He places social equity on those of earned practical merit; reliable engineers, effective scientists and accomplished commanders. He does not hold lack of accomplishment against people but rather places the most sense of value in those of proven record of action and results.

Having said all that, he does have a very well developed sense of humor. He can be very direct, cheesy and even a little rough around the edges but his lively, positive attitude brings it altogether to create an almost cartoon-like behavior at times.

This utilitarian yet almost childish hybridization can be confusing to those new to him but over time it can become quite straight forward to understand.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS
+ Agile; his species exhibits a high strength-to-weight ratio and a very nimble body. He can move quickly and preciously when needed.

+ Healer; his species heals faster than humans but also sports a remarkable ability to regenerate. Capable of regrowing whole limbs and even entire major organs; if he survives his injuries, he will almost always make a complete recovery in time.

+ Climber; his species is arboreal, having microridges on their fingers, hands, toes and feet that allow them to stick to even smooth surfaces not unlike a gecko.

+ Toxic; his species have short, sharp triangular teeth that carry a potent neurotoxin that is paralytic in low doses but lethal in higher ones. They have a ballistic tongue with a sticky padded tip that can ensnare small animals and objects; it can strike strong enough to crack bone and also conceals a retractable inch-long barb in the tip that allows carries the same venom. Due to their hostile biochemistry, they are immune if not resistant to most pathogens and toxic chemicals. Generations in space also means they have evolved to grow highly resistant to harmful radiation. What damage they do sustain, their rapid regeneration allows them tolerate and overcome a great deal.

+ Spacer; his culture is entirely space-born, he grew up in a meritocatic technocracy that placed a fundamental need to keep their ships and technology running well. Besides being a natural engineer and ship resources manager, he also grew up in-and-out of zero-gravity environments meaning he handles them far better than most species. He has a high IQ and aptitude for science and technology as well as the ability to learn very quickly, a trait shared by most of his species.

+ Sentinel; like the rest of his species, he has cybernetics. His
eyes allow for normal color vision but also sport microscopic and telescopic options, faster tracking (for fast moving things, rapid events and absorbing information visually very quickly), low light vision enhancement and backscatter x-ray mode (allowing them to selectively see right in to and through even most kinds of solid materials). The eyes also host a computer UI that augments his field of view with information. A cranial microcompter allows data to be handled in his visual field, such as maps and overlay technical data. An MIU (mind impulse unit) allows wireless connection to computers and other MIUs; they use it for communication as well as computer interfacing. This allows him to place a whole manor of computer-referenced data feeds directly in his field of view as he chooses, managing data from inside his own neural computer but also transferring it from other networked devices. This is very useful for a starship dwelling species but as a Chief Operation officer, it is an *invaluable* tool for keeping live-feed track of multiple data feeds.

+ Null; due to a combination of a very strange and alien brain as well as neural-cyberware, his species are psi-nulls. Not only are they not psionic, they are essentially invisible to telepathy. This can be odd if not unnerving for telepathic individuals.

- Fragile; his species is small, far from durable and not very strong. While their weight allows quick and agile movement, their overall size and strength is so diminutive that he cannot be counted on for tasks that require forceful physical prowess.

- Tunnel Vision; a society that demands results, a species of task-orientation. He is a natural born workaholic and so while he may do well at his job, his personal relations can be left somewhat lacking.

- Dull; his species has very weak senses of smell and taste to the point that they almost have none at all. While this is a minor bother in most situations, it also can create problems when dangers that can be spotted by others via smell, he will not. A prime example would be a gas leak; while his tech might help, he himself cannot smell it and so that can lead to a dangerous situation.

- Skittish; his species is not physically combat oriented. While they can fight, they do so only out of desperation. As such, thei society choose long-range engagements with weapons when they must but they will avoid close-in fighting at all costs. He can fight in close quarters when he must but will otherwise flee and hide when that opportunity presents itself as practical.

- Spacer; his species has not lived outside of ships for over one thousand years. While they handle space living like natives of that environment, they are just not suited to living in natural ecosystems any more. While their bodies have a significant degree of natural adaption still, their psychology means surface living is as unnatural to them as space is to most others. This means that when it comes to surface survival situations, he will be naturally found at a severe detriment.
Ambitions Unsure at this point but at least for now he likes the idea of commanding his own ship or station one day.
Hobbies & Interests Tinkerer; like most of his species, he is a tinkerer by nature. From curious inventions and odd research to software programming and holographic experiments, he likes to spend his personal time tinkering.

Manevoring; his species began employing so-called "three-dimensional maneuver gear" (a combination of launching harpoon-tethers and compressed air propulsion thrusters) many millenia ago when they still lived amongst trees. They allow the user to move rapidly both horizontally and vertically through such an environment. While the archaic technology no longer has any practical use, it is still enjoyed as a very atheltic and dynamic sport / recreational activity. Kaius keeps actual maneuver gear in his personal belonging but most of the time he just uses virtual versions (or partially-virtual anyway) in holodeck simulations.

Parkour; as an extention of climbing and manevoring, free-running is an old Earth past time that Kaius has taken up. It is a much more flat-terrestrial version of what he is used to, essentially a level-ground version of what his species knows. Besides being a good activity to help acclimatise to a different kind of life, he finds it can also be a lot of fun.

Mediaphile; as an alien to this part of the galaxy, he has learned much but still know far less about cultural details than most who where born here. While reading to catch up on such things, he also takes delight in partaking in the cultural folklore, stories and fictions of various peoples. As such, from literature on PADD, to movies on screen, to holonovellas; he likes spending some of his time enjoying these inner worlds.

Traveler; his people are travelers by nature. Not simply content to see new things but the process of the journey itself is something to be treasured. When ever visiting planets new to him, whenever possible, he takes great delight in it's exploration; taking in the sites, observing nature, taking scans and pictures. As an alien from the other side of the galaxy, our backyard is entirely new to him and so he enjoys it's sites and marvels more than most.

Personal History The Vigiridans only made contact with the Federation a few decades ago. Their people have been living as an entirely space-born species for a thousand years. Before that, they left their homeworld due to tensions with a rival sentient species. The original homeworld (Talmoxis) is towards the outer galactic portion of the Gamma Quadrant; having departed a millenia ago though, they have travelled all over the quadrant and even into the Delta quadrant. Kaius hails from the Worldship "Zataxican" of fleet "Raxa" which currently travels around various sectors closest to the Bajoran Wormhole.

His species has a curious biological past. Their DNA is almost entirely identical to another species on their planet but differs only by a few genes which where introduced via a viral pathogen that broke out amongst them some 3000 years ago. While most of the species was spared and remained unchanged as a non-sentient arboreal pack animal, those that where infected and survived where left with a form of macrocephaly which included an enlarged head and brain which raised them into sentience in a matter of only a few weeks. Suddenly bestowed with large, powerful, curious minds, their people underwent a meteoric rise in societal, cultural and technological development that saw them catch up to and overtake many other known civilizations.

During their rise, their society has developed tensions and hostilities with another more conventionally evolved sentient species on their world. They rapidly moved from aero to space flight, building a vast fleet of enormous ships to depart their world altogether, in the hopes of building a new, safer way of life. The Vigiridan species left their world 1000 years ago and have since become an entirely space-faring civilization. Their advanced technology in combination with their unwillingness to claim planets and sectors in any permanent way meant they never developed open hostilities with the Dominion. While relatively safe in their massive starships of vast fleets, they did learn not long ago that their old enemy (the Echon), from their old homeworld, has been exploring space as well. Now conducting a powerful expansion from Talmoxis, they have been hosting a small but rapidly growing empire whose powerful military actions now push it further still. This is part of the reason the Vigiridan now plan to build more relations from other parts of space, to build alliances that might help safeguard them from possible future clashes with the Echon.


Caius is one of many youths, sent out over many generations, to grow up and live amongst alien civilizations. They do this to learn about others from the inside of their cultures, as being one of them. They then eventually return to their people, or at least write home, thus allowing their people to learn of other cultures in a far more thorough and intimate way. His Worldship (Tataxican) is part of fleet Raxa which currently travels around the Gamma quadrant sectors nearest the Bajoran Wormhole and it is that very worlmhole that interest his people. It it the very reason why that fleet has been sending their youth through the wormhole; as part of their exploratory tradition, their youth will travel back to the fleet to regale them with reports and stories from these alien quadrants, letting them know if perhaps it is wise to bring the fleet to the Alpha/Beta quadrants.

Caius grew up amongst his own people; educated and working from a young age. Their people reaching biological adulthood at the age of 10, he was one of eight Vigiridan young adults who where sent to the Federation as part of a cultural exchange program. These individuals would grow up, live and work as Federation citizens to learn there ways as is the tradition of their kind.

Caius was the only one of the eight(so far) to join Starfleet. In a strange inversion of fate, he too wanted to explore the stars for himself but he wanted to do so from the perspective of his new adopted culture. Besides this, his own species is far more comfortable in space and so Starfleet was a natural choice.

After leaving the academy, he went straight on to an MIT post grad program to make maximum use of his skills but also to see more of Earth before beginning his next phase of life. A Ph.D. in "Systems Resource Management"; the subject covers the intricacies and techniques of administrating the factors and resources as found in starships, space stations and self-contained coloneys. This was an easy accomplishment for a species whose lives revolve around living in space.

Completing his advanced education, he was assigned to Utopia Planitia where he was employed to use his skills in a dual fold way. He worked directly with the Space Station Systems R&D projects but was also working as part of the Operations Department for the entire R&D division.

After three years, he desired to further his career and so transfered onto the USS Trafalgar; an engineering support vessel. Besides running on-board operations, the ships mission to support engineering efforts all over the Federation meant that his work involved in assisting the management of sophisticated efforts off-board as well.

Three years later, his combination of skills and experience has earned him further promotion in station to become the new Chief of Operations on the USS Sirona.

Service Record 2374 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy (aged 10).
2378 - Graduates Starfleet Academy; dual-majoring in Applied High Energy Physics and Emergency Fabrication Engineering.

2378: Enrolls in Post Graduate Doctorate program (MIT).
2381: Graduates with Ph.D. in Systems Resource Management.

2382: Assigned to Utopia Planitia (space station systems R&D) as Operations Officer, promoted to Lieutenant JG.

2385: Transfers to USS Trafalgar as Assistant Chief Operations Officer.

2388 - Transfers to the USS Sirona as Chief of Operations.