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Lieutenant JG Anali Regan

Name Anali Regan

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Weight 59 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description Anali is a handsome woman with thick, shoulder length hair, she carries herself with a no-nonsense, self confident air that some who do not know her might mistake for arrogance. She seldom smiles and she has a tendency to stare intently at people when she speaks to them, focusing all their attention on them.

Anali wears civilian clothes whenever she can get away from it, often times in Sickbay she can be seen without her uniform jacket on.


Spouse Jackie (husband, divorced)
Father Bainbridge
Mother Kamala
Brother(s) Crofton

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anali is a dedicated, almost driven woman who focuses more on work than anything else. She would much rather be reading a paper on some rare disease than socializing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Anali's primary strength is her unwavering dedication to her patients, above all else. She has a great curiosity for the unknown when it comes to medical mysteries or biological curiosities.

Anali's greatest weakness is she has difficulty opening up to people and forming new connections. Her divorce had left her a little hesitant when forming new connections.

Anali has a weakness for good Irish whiskey, a taste she acquired from her father and husband both. This has made her a bit of an expert on the subject.
Ambitions Anali has no ambitions regarding rank or titles, her primary focus is to run a tight Sickbay and if possible turn interns into decent doctors.
Hobbies & Interests Anali has some interest in the history of liquor distillation, especially when it comes to Irish whiskey. She is also secretly passionate about cheap romance novels. The works of the Andorian author Arib Shan are especially trashy and among her favorites.

Personal History Anali had never meant to join Starfleet, she had intended to open a practice on the colony world of Conover Tertius, a large moon orbiting a lurid blue gas giant. A third generation colonist, she pretty much followed her husband, a geologist who was interested in the effects of the tidal forces the moon was subjected to. The pair would be spending some weeks apart as she stayed home safe and Jackie worked in the field with her team. Two things changed her life. The first was when she stumbled on evidence Jackie was sleeping with not one, but two of his interns. The second was when aliens invaded the planet.

Conover Tertius was rich in dilithium, it had started out as a mining colony and grew into something more. Ferengi pirates raided the planet, cutting it off from outside help in a plan to quickly strip mine large swathes of land, utterly ignoring the environmental impact that would cause. Anali and thousands of others were held hostage and she found herself thrown into a leadership position. She was soon contacted by undercover Starfleet personnel and she aided them first in secretly evacuating wounded colonists, and then in getting in touch with her husband in the field, who had intimate knowledge of the terrain where the Ferengi were planning on using tractor beams on unstable regions to cause massive earthquakes to free up rich dilithium ore. In the end Starfleet managed to take down the Ferengi pirates, and Anali wound up impressing the officers with her unflappability.

Anali divorced Jackie soon after and she pondered what to do with herself next. She no longer wished to live on Conover Tertius and she really just wanted to start over, do something new, different. Something that might provide a new challenge.

And, well, those Starfleet officers seemed awfully competent and seemed to like their jobs, and perhaps seeing strange new worlds and meeting new life forms might provide interesting challenges...
Service Record *Starfleet Academy

*1 year of Starfleet Medical

*USS Wasp, Medical Officer

*USS Sirona, CMO