The USS Sirona, a Luna class ship operating in the Beta Quadrant as part of Task Force 93, has a unique mission. Our focus is to provide medical and humanitarian assistance wherever it is needed. Our types of missions range from ferrying diplomats to war torn worlds to arranging humanitarian aid, to delivering said aid ourselves after the diplomats have done their work. Planet suffering from a plague outbreak? The Sirona is the one to brave the dangers and come in with it's intrepid medical, science personnel and supplies to help the suffering people. Ours is a different kind of danger, for not many will believe in the power of good intentions. Still, we press on, bringing aid to those most in need.

Do you want to make a difference? Help those in crisis? Be a light in the darkness? If this sounds like the place for you, click the join button on the left. Don't see a position you like, let us know, and we can see what we can do! We look forward to having you aboard!

Cry In the Dark. The Sirona responds to an unusual distress call from a Starfleet ship. It appears to be from a child-like voice, but that doesn't make any sense, as the ship is full of Starfleet Officers.

Currents of Change. We are currently en-route to Neua, home of the aquatic species the Neeru. A joint Neeru-Federation underwater facility is experiencing malfunctions, causing injuries and tension on both sides.

Latest Mission Posts

» Checking in

Mission: Cry In The Dark
Posted on Mon Apr 23rd, 2018 @ 12:57am by Captain Batai Dhej & Lieutenant JG Doctor Bheria Vanth D.V.M., OB/Gyn

Having finished his debrief with Phaedra, Nelson and Barnett, Batai decided to check in with his new CMO. With the crisis being as it was, the two hadn't had much time to talk about everything. Walking into Sickbay, he looked around for Vanth, hoping s/he wasn't too busy.…

» Check Marking the Box

Mission: Cry In The Dark
Posted on Sat Apr 21st, 2018 @ 10:35am by Lieutenant JG Doctor Bheria Vanth D.V.M., OB/Gyn & Lieutenant JG Emri Dane

From the Captain’s Ready Room to Medical; she figured that would complete the whole coming aboard process. Though, truth be told, she was much more interested in what came afterwards. Food and time to unwind. In any case, there were things to be done between now and then, so…

» Chance Meeting

Mission: Cry In The Dark
Posted on Fri Apr 20th, 2018 @ 11:07pm by Lieutenant JG Emri Dane & Lieutenant Elsie Barnett

Elsie had just meet with the Captain, she wished she would be able to help him more. but she knew, he needed time to process everything that was going on in his own personal life. Plus there was things that she needed to process as well. Byron being on the…

» Getting It Together

Mission: Cry In The Dark
Posted on Thu Apr 19th, 2018 @ 4:53pm by Lieutenant JG Emri Dane

It was obvious, looking around her quarters, the places Emri Dane held as important. The bathroom had a shelf over the tub, crowded now with oils and scents, a low table to one side of the tub held a cluster of fat candles because there was nothing (nothing!) like a…

» Why am I here?

Mission: Cry In The Dark
Posted on Thu Apr 19th, 2018 @ 4:53pm by Lieutenant Elsie Barnett & Lieutenant JG Emri Dane

Emri collected art. You couldn't grow up around artists without developing an appreciation nor would she be the counselor she was if art therapy didn't come into play now and again. Her collection had its roots on Betazoid but there were pieces from school, from patients, from places she'd been,…

Latest Personal Logs

» Transitions

Posted on Thu Sep 1st, 2016 @ 5:36am by Lieutenant JG Tom Bowman

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Bowman, Corp of Exploration and Discovery, Personal Log

Stardate Five Nine Four Nine Nine,,,,, Ah Bollacks! It’s Sunday, August 8th the year of our Lord Two Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Ought Eight

It’s has now been one year, and forty-six days since I’ve been seconded…

» Followed by Shadows and Ghosts

Posted on Thu Jul 14th, 2016 @ 4:53pm by Ensign Charlie Hicks Jr

Woke up this morning to the same dream I have every night. I know why I keep having the dream and while I wish for it to end part of me want to remember that day and live in it forever. The day was so long ago and until I…